Steps to create an online store in Woocommerce

Do you want to create an online store in WooCommerce? It is one of the most popular WordPress plugins, since it allows you tobuild an eCommerce easily and intuitively, as well as customize and manage it. In fact, it has a huge number of plugins that allow you to enrich its functionalities and improve the […]

differences between java and javascript

Java and Javascript are two different worlds. Since they share the beginning of their name, it is very common to believe that both programming languages ​​are practically the same or related; knowing how to program in Java also means knowing how to program in Javascript. Nothing could be further from the truth. And what differences […]

15 plugins that you must implement in your Woocommerce

There are countless plugins for WooCommerce with the most varied functions: motivate the purchase, manage stock, improve the user experience, facilitate payment, generate conversation… Some are more useful and others are less recommended. So that you do not waste hours and hours testing plugins that may end up weighing down your website, at Doowebs we […]

How to improve WordPress loading speed

Did you know that the conversions of a website can drop by 20% for each second of additional load that it presents? Loading speed is one of the most important aspects of a website. Not only because it determines the usability of the page and, therefore, the user experience. In addition, it is a fundamental […]

Tips to design a perfect User Interface on your website

The design of your website is not a merely aesthetic element. In fact, nearly 70% of bounces are related to poor user experiences. And why is this? Basically, to the user interface. Beyond offering an attractive and well-groomed image on an aesthetic level, it is essential that users quickly find what they are looking for […]

WordPress security plugins and tricks

WordPress is one of the most secure content managers but it becomes vulnerable when webmasters start installing plugins that have security holes. In this article we are going to show you how you can shield your WordPress. We are going to show you two ways to do it: In a manual way, only recommended for […]

Trends in eCommerce for 2021

Beyond being at its best, eCommerce trends point to a 2021 full of changes and innovation; year in which the current inertia of the sector will continue to grow, driven by two main engines: technological advances and new forms of consumption. Over the past year, the Covid-19 pandemic has further fueled the development of the […]

How to choose the best hosting for your WordPress website

Choosing the best hosting for WordPress is one of the most important decisions when launching a new online project. And it’s not always easy. In fact, with the huge number of providers that exist, it is common to get carried away by the cheapest option (or the most expensive, thinking that because it is, it […]

Top 11 Free WordPress Templates

WordPress is arguably the favorite CMS platform on the web. Users love WordPress themes because they are easy to set up and can be used to create web pages like a blog or a personal and / or corporate website.

Improved loading speed of pages that include reCaptcha in WordPress

A system that allows you to avoid traffic from automated programs or bots is Google’s reCaptcha project. This project has evolved from version v1 to v3, and with this latest version, also called invisible reCaptcha, which appeared in 2018, it is allowed that human users do not need to perform any action to verify that […]

What is CRO and how can it increase your online sales?

If you are dedicated to digital marketing or have an online project in hand, you have probably heard about CRO a thousand times, a concept that has become one of the keys to increasing the income of eCommerce and other types of websites. But… would you know what it is? CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) is […]

SEO improvement on multi-language pages without automatic redirection

On websites with pages in several languages, a common practice to improve the user experience is to redirect the website to the page with the user’s browser language if it exists. This practice is penalized by Google for SEO positioning, since it understands that the link is being concealed and deceiving the user to obtain […]

Tips to Improve the User Experience on your website

User experience is one of the most important factors for the success of a digital project. Not only to please Google and improve your SERP rankings, but also to win over your audience and increase your conversion rate. Without a doubt, aspects such as quality content and responsive design are some of the most important… […]

Best free online photo editors

Images have become an essential element for any website, whatever its theme or purpose. But many times, the photographs we have are not perfect: they need a colour adjustment, a crop, a change… In this sense, having a good online photo editor is essential to be able to adapt each image to the place where […]

What is an SSL security certificate and what is it for?

The SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) securiry certificate is a digital protocol developed by the company Netscape Communications in order to authenticate the identity of websites and thus protect the transfer of information between user and server. In other words, SSL is a security system that allows data to be encrypted in a format that can […]

Heat mapping and eye tracking of websites to optimise conversions

Knowing what customers want is essential to be able to increase the conversion rate of a website and thus increase sales. In this sense, there are many useful tools to identify the type of content that most attracts the user’s attention, how they interact with it, what they overlook… One of the most interesting ones […]