Search Engine Positioning: 5 Recommendations to be Seen on the Internet

What happens when you develop your website with all the good intention of the world to generate sales and suddenly nobody enters? Nothing happens, neither good nor bad. And, then you start to ask: what am I doing wrong? But quiet, to go unnoticed on the Internet is common. Not for the product or service […]

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Tips to improve SEO in WordPress

We all know what WordPress is: an easy-to-use free content manager that works with templates or themes. But what not everyone knows is how to improve the SEO in WordPress of your articles to give more diffusion and visibility to your content. The easiest way to do this is to use plugins, which serve to expand […]

How to accelerate a web page to 70% in 7 steps

There is no doubt that website speed matters now more than ever. As average Internet connection speeds increase around the world, web users are becoming less and less tolerant of slow load times. At the same time, Google has unequivocally stated that it prefers to reward fast sites with higher rankings in natural search results. […]

How to manually migrate WordPress in five easy steps

You want to improve your WordPress website and the best option that you have proposed is to change servers. You may not know anything about it and you get nervous, but calm. You should not be scared. We come to explain how to do it in a few small steps. From Doowebs we can also […]

Speech at IES Sant Vicent Ferrer d’Algemesí

Last Thursday, January 19, 2017, we gave a talk at the IES Sant Vicent Ferrer d’Algemesí for students of the DAW (Web Application Development) cycle.

Error calculating the price of the product PrestaShop

The current version of PrestaShop does not show the price of the product properly when we change the value of an attribute that affects the price change. Until PrestaShop developers do not publish a new version with this bug fixed, we at Doowebs have applied the following solution:

IV Ecommaster Congress

Last Friday we attended the  IV Ecommaster Congress where we witness various presentations and we were exchanging views with attendees.

White screen on Prestashop

When we find that suddenly one day to enter administrator prestashop gives us a glimpse blank and not let us do anything else it may be a space problem . The first thing to do is check whether we are giving an error . To do this we modify the file and change the […]

E-commerce SEO

By placing an e-commerce project, the SEO must be taken into account during the development of this, both by the developer as part of the user who will take over management of web content. In this article I want to meet other basic aspects to consider for SEO in e-commerce:

Duplicate content in K2

K2 Component for Joomla allows us an advanced management of our items by adding extra functionality not available in the content management system Joomla. The problem comes when Google webmaster tools to warn us that this component is creating duplicate content, then explain the solution to the problem.

Logo transparent in Prestashop

In most Prestashop templates to customize the logo of the topic happens to be in JPG format so transparent become white canvases. To use images with transparency (PNG), we must perform the following steps:

Reset Joomla admin password

Who has not ever forget your password to enter the backend of joomla and started to get nervous. Today we teach you to do when you do not remember the password of the admin user can not enter the backend of Joomla in any way.

View our web always WWW

Sometimes we install content management systems, online shops and suddenly we realize that we alwaysload the url without www but such charges us and want to show us the url

Solution to duplicate images in K2

I noticed that in version 2.6.6 of K2 in Joomla! 2.5, to extend the main image out duplicate an article in the lightbox, to solve this problem I added to the CSS the following code:

Joomla security

The facilities of Joomla! made in ignorance, we can give enough security problems. For this reason then we show a series of safety recommendations to consider when launching a Joomla site.