How to create a Mobile First website

The world is in our hands. We cannot deny that we all carry a smartphone and, with it, we access dozens of pages every day. Today we want to explain to you what are the advantages of web design mobile first and how you can apply it in your next project.  Advantages of a mobile […]

How to design a website with Figma?

How to design a web page with Figma? If you don’t know Figma, it’s time to tell you a little more about this program. It is a software with which you can develop a web project with all the tools you can imagine, ideal for collaborative work. Today, we explain the basic steps to create […]

7 tips for innovative web design

In a world where the internet has developed so rapidly in just a couple of decades, standing out from the crowd can be a little tricky. For your business to be visible, it is important that you have an innovative and intuitive web design, and that is why we have come to help you today. […]

What is user-centered web design?

When designing and creating a web page, the user experience becomes one of the most important elements to guarantee its success. In fact, if you manage to give the user an experience attractive, simple and pleasant when he moves around your website, the chances that he will come back or stay longer times multiply exponentially. […]

The best templates to design a website for yoga schools

The best website design templates for yoga schools Today, yoga is one of the most popular physical activities to keep the body and mind in shape and in balance. More and more people are looking for information on the internet about specialized yoga schools, to take classes both online and physically. If you were a […]

7 Keys to get a web design for SMEs

Having a website means increasing business opportunities, especially for small businesses. Because a website not only helps SMEs to promote their products/services, it also allows them to generate credibility, distinguish themselves among the voracious competition and facilitate their expansion within the market. But on a web page, in addition to the need for good back-end […]

What is flat web design and what are its advantages?

In the current digital age, online pages are the presentation letter of brands, so knowing how to choose the right web design is more than essential. Web design is what brings to the page the visual elements that identify the company and convey its corporate identity. And according to the location, color and amount of […]

Types of web design: Apply the best according to your objectives

Many people think that all designers are the same, when in reality, there are different classes. With all the variety that there is, it is not difficult to imagine that there are different types of web design with their own purpose or objective.  They are based on a speciality and seek to fulfil a unique […]

The importance of design for the success of a web page

Do you know the importance of web design on your site? Imagine you are walking through a mall. What is it that invites you to enter a store you don’t know? On many (many) occasions… The showcase! Whether you are looking for something specific or not, the display case is an essential element to attract […]

Design Thinking: 5 success stories

The word ‘innovation’ is closely linked to Design Thinking to achieve a connection with the client.  It’s no secret that companies like Starbucks or Coca-Cola are so well positioned thanks, among other factors, to the design of their establishments (both online and offline).  Do you know how they did it? Let’s see 5 Design Thinking […]

User experience and usability: differences and similarities

User experience and usability are two terms that can be confused, but they are not exactly synonymous. Although good usability is key for a positive user experience (also known as UX, user experience), there are some differences that we are going to explore in this article. At Doowebs we are clear that neither of the […]

Tips to design a perfect User Interface on your website

The design of your website is not a merely aesthetic element. In fact, nearly 70% of bounces are related to poor user experiences. And why is this? Basically, to the user interface. Beyond offering an attractive and well-groomed image on an aesthetic level, it is essential that users quickly find what they are looking for […]

Tips to Improve the User Experience on your website

User experience is one of the most important factors for the success of a digital project. Not only to please Google and improve your SERP rankings, but also to win over your audience and increase your conversion rate. Without a doubt, aspects such as quality content and responsive design are some of the most important… […]