7 Keys to get a web design for SMEs

Having a website means increasing business opportunities, especially for small businesses. Because a website not only helps SMEs to promote their products/services, it also allows them to generate credibility, distinguish themselves among the voracious competition and facilitate their expansion within the market.

But on a web page, in addition to the need for good back-end development, creating sequences of commands, databases, and functionalities for your online business, a good web design is also essential for in SMEs, the design that will define the image that your business will project on the internet.

To help your small business stand out and create a powerful impact on potential customers, here are 7 keys to amazing SMB web design.

What do we mean by web design for SMEs

The web design, be it for SMEs or big brands, refers to the visual aspect of the online page and how it is perceived by the visitor, to the creation of the content, to guarantee that the information shown is really accessible and to give a better experience to the customer or user.

Therefore, web design encompasses the elements or features that make navigation easier, graphic design, colours, placement of elements, visual resources, etc. Of course, this must be worked in conjunction with web development.

But nowadays, if you do not have great computer knowledge, you may use CMS content management systems, for example, you can create your page with WordPress. This way you will build your website from scratch, and you will be able to achieve an incredible design, which clearly conveys the corporate identity of your small business.

Keys in web design for SMEs

Next, we will detail 7 powerful keys to get an effective web design for your SME.

1 Give a professional image

Remember that the first impression is essential in business. Therefore, in web design for SMEs, it is necessary to include elements that project professionalism. For example:

  • Show the company logo. But you have to invest in a good graphic design that gives you an original logo, that doesn’t contain pre-designed images from the web.
  • Don’t overload the home page with too many images or text.
  • Use large and excellent resolution images.
  • Use two fonts consistently across the web.
  • Introduce to your team members.
  • Completely customize the design, reflecting your brand in colors, shapes, images, style, etc. Even if you use a template from a CMS.

2 The home page must be an anchor

Make sure the home page of your website is a real anchor. How? Creating a structure that serves as a guide for the visitor. For example:

  • Show testimonials from satisfied customers.
  • Highlight, in a concise and specific way, the services or solutions you offer.
  • Specify clearly why your services solve the user’s need.
  • Create a call-to-action button and place it in the top centre. This button must link to the shopping section or a contact form.
  • Show testimonials from satisfied customers.
  • Present the logos and names of the companies with which you maintain constant collaboration.
  • Invite visitors to subscribe, in exchange for a certain benefit that you have to highlight, such as sending an e-book, weekly posts, information associated with the products you sell, etc.

3 Think about expanding your business

If you want to expand your company, it is important that you carry out a web design for SMEs, but thinking about the future. In this case, you must choose in advance:

  • A CMS that is flexible and easy to update, that allows the inclusion of new sections, new classifications, more products and images, etc. For example, WordPress, Shopify, or BigCommerce.
  • A hosting service that allows increased traffic on the web page, guaranteeing high loading speed and large data storage capacity.  

4 SMB web design should be simple and tidy

Create a simple and orderly design, that does not overwhelm with a lot of information or is visually complicated. It is also a way to show a professional image and ensure that visitors have a good experience.

5 A responsive design is essential

It is important that web design for SMEs is responsive, that is to say that it adapts and reorganizes to be viewed through mobile devices, providing a better experience to the user, so that he can understand what your company offers and can navigate and buy easily.

6 Optimally display products or services

Products/services must be presented in an exclusive section, ordered and even by categories. It makes it easy for the user to quickly select what they want.

In addition, product images must be sharp, always of professional quality and consistent with the message being sent. On the other hand, the descriptions must be appropriate, specific and highlighting the qualities of the goods you offer.

7 Keep the website updated

Present updated information on the website, product photos and descriptions, costs, contact details, etc. It will not only serve to offer really useful information to potential buyers, it is also a way to reflect the seriousness, commitment, and trustworthiness of your business.

Of course, for a small business, it is also a profitable option to outsource web design for SMEs.

Contracting the services of web design professionals is a way to assertively use the limited resources of SMEs, because it is the way to guarantee a completely personalized, professional and effective design for the development of the business, always oriented towards the conversion of visitors, avoiding the excessive consumption of time and money in the design process.

Do you want to update your web design? Contact us. At Doowebs we specialize in creative, intuitive, relevant, easy-to-navigate web development and design that always reflects the corporate identity of your business.