Equivalent to PHP’s print_r on Javascript

Well whenever I’m working with javascript and json I have the same problem … How I can make php print_r wonderful to see the whole structure of the object I’m trying to read?

Responsive Web Design

WHAT IS RESPONSIVE WEB DESIGN? The Responsive Web Design to create Web sites that cater to the width of the device you are browsing, which allows a single design for PC, mobile and tablets, ie allow our website adapt to the environment through which a user is accessing it.

How to translate the alias menu for Falang 1.2.0

Although newer versions of Joomla! and come with a native translation system, all users of previous versions are accustomed to using JoomFish. I myself have tried using the native translation manager Joomla! 2.5 and I like to use a component as Falang for translations.

Vertical alignment or centered vertically using DIV

I have always encountered the problem of vertically align a div to avoid having to be modifying the paddingwhen the text size is too long and takes up two rows … well here I leave the point of how to make thisautomatic alignment as it we do when we use a table … and it […]

Windows RT automatic repair could’t repair your pc

f when starting our tablet with Windows RT automatic repair does not work, or you couldn’t reset the tablet. We get the followingMessage: Automatic Repair could’t repair your PC. Log File: c: \windows \ system32 \ LogFiles \ Srt \ SrtTrail.txt

Accents in K2 Joomulus

In the tag cloud for K2 Joomulus URL’s fail because they do not recognize the charactersLatinos, to solve this problem we need to edit the filemodules/mod_k2_joomulus/helper.php approximately in line 36 and replace:

Escaping quotes and special characters

One of the problems that we have found to make applications for PHP, is the need to escape the quotation marks in forms or in any update that is done from the front-end and stored in the DB my_sql. After reviewing some pages on the internet and see that many of us have the same […]

Joomfish error items menus in K2

When attempting to translate with Joomfish a menu item that points to a category of K2 does not works out well because it loses parameters. Apparently the problem is that the length of the field that should host the link is not long enough.

Enter items in Joomla using a mobile with Android – Joooid

Joooid is an application that lets you publish articles in Joomla! from your cell phone with Android. The application also allows you to post photos in the article, but with a low resolution and a map with the position from which you have written the article.

Change rights and owners of linux recursively

When you spend half of your working life installing Joomla, WordPress and other free softwars on different servers, always end by hitting with the issue of rights. I can not upload files to some folder, with Plesk if I can not change the owner or I can not do it recursively or I have to […]


muCommanderis a free alternative to well-known file manager Total Commander. There are plenty of such software (disk order, gnome commander, midnight commander …) each for an operating system or another. But one of the great advantages is that muCommander is cross-platform (Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, * BSD, Solaris …), you just need Java support.

Joomla 1.5 SEO Optimization

Before you start optimizing our Joomla! for better indexing by Google, we must first create us a Gmail account.

Failed to enable friendly url of Joomla

When we try to change the friendly URL of Joomla from the control panel, we can show the following error when clicking on any link on the Web.