8 strategies to increase sales in your online store

Creating an online store is, today, a necessary resource to achieve greater productivity and competitiveness in your business. The first thing is to have a good platform for your ecommerce and, of course, Of course, offer excellent products.

But in the digital world this is not enough. In this medium, in which there is an increasing commercial presence, you must do more to make yourself visible to your target audience and get the income you want.

And how to achieve it? You must apply certain strategies to increase online sales, which will help you obtain more web traffic, attract potential customers and offer a closer and more personalized service.

Strategy 1. Apply SEO techniques

Applying techniques for optimization of SEO search engines directly affects in improving the positioning and visibility of your business. It is one of the strategies to increase traffic and, consequently, increase sales. For this you must:

  • Study and insert the keywords key in the text, titles, URLs, product descriptions, etc. from your website.
  • Optimize the loading speed of the web.
  • Insert internal and external links, always related to the content.
  • Develop a responsive design, that is, that your online store can be viewed seamlessly on any mobile device.
  • Optimize images, videos and any file or audiovisual resource you use.

Strategy 2. Use content marketing

Create and publish interesting and valuable content, which provide knowledge to your audience or help solve their concerns or needs. The keys that you should take into consideration are the following:

  • Define your objectives: Increase sales, achieve greater visibility and connect with the reader.
  • Study and define the characteristics of your target audience.
  • Establish a plan for continued posting of content. The main medium is a blog, but you can also use social networks.

Strategy 3. Use email marketing

A good strategy to increase online sales is to carry out email marketing campaigns. It consists of sending periodically (daily, weekly or fortnightly…) emails to the contacts registered in the customer and potential customer database. What communication to send? Options include:

  • The newsletter. A digital newsletter to report news and news related to the store.
  • The mailing. It is also a digital publication, but focused on the advertising part of the business. It is used to promote products and report discounts, offers, etc.

Strategy 4. Optimize the customer experience

You should always attend to the customer’s needs, know what they want and make the process of product selection, payment, and receipt easier. This is fundamental to improve the user experience on your website. So:

  • It plans optimal delivery times. In addition, inform the customer of the method, time, and cost of delivery. In the case of a digital product, you must offer a download with secure links.
  • Offer a payment channel that is convenient and fast for the customer. Provide a variety of payment options.
  • Establish policies to guarantee the reception of complaints and the management of product or money returns.

Strategy 5. Analyse the results obtained

Make a plan to analyse the results obtained. It is a necessary action to know the positive or negative impact of each executed action. So you can modify or strengthen the strategies to increase online sales.

One of the free and fairly comprehensive analysis tools is Google Analytics. By linking it to your e-commerce, it will offer you data related to web traffic, conversions, the most visited content, etc.

If your online store is also present in social networks, you can use tools designed for its analysis, such as

  • YouTube Analytics, which allows you to understand the performance of videos shared on your channel, through metrics and other reports. 

  • Instagram Insights, to know the data on the interaction of users with your store account, with publications, stories, etc.

Strategy 6 Harness the power of social media

It is important that your online store has active presence in social networks that your audience uses the most and that are compatible with the nature of your business. Share content, apply tactics to encourage participation, and always answer your followers’ questions.

With good>management in social networks, in addition to gaining visibility for your store and obtaining followers, you will be able to generate traffic for your online business. It is one of the most widely used strategies to increase online sales.  

There are networks such as Instagram or Facebook that offer the option to display the product catalogue, with images, descriptions and prices, they also redirect the user to your store so that place the order and make the payment.

Strategy 7. Create promotions with deadlines

Most consumers show greater interest in a product when it is more difficult to acquire. Therefore, it announces limited stocks, offers seasonal, deadline dates for a certain offer or the end of inventory.

When you add deadlines to discounts or product availability, the potential customer has less time to make a decision and a greater chance that they will make the purchase. This is a great way to arouse interest in your audience.

Of course, you must always comply with the scheduled dates to start or end the promotions. It is a way of projecting seriousness before your audience.

Strategy 8. Get advice from digital marketing specialists

Another important strategy to increase online sales is to have digital marketing specialists. They will help you analyse and plan the tactics that really suit your company and the nature of the product or service you sell.

Talking with an online digital marketing agency will help you define, attract and capture potential customers. In this way you will always use the precise channels to connect with him.

Do you want to apply the best strategies to increase sales?

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