How to create a music website

Whether you’re in the music business, as a band member, soloist or if you play an instrument, creating a music website will bring you incredible advantages. Not only will you project a more professional image to fans and the public, but also to music producers and the media.

In addition, it is a way to contact fans of the music you produce, or of the music you like the most, to carry out promotions or, simply, to share with them the news of the sector or content for artistic enrichment.

Do you dare? It really is very easy. Next, we will show you step by step how to create a music website.  

How to make a music website

Of course, you always have the option of hiring the services of a web development specialist. But if you do not have knowledge in the computer area, it will be easy for you to make your web page dedicated to music with the help of a CMS content management system.

For example, one of the most widely used is WordPress, a very popular free platform that allows you to create a completely custom design, perfect for beginners.

Here’s how to create a music website:

  • Buy your domain. It is the name that contains the URL of your website, so it must be short, easy to remember and associated with the music, the name of the band or your name. There is also the option of a free domain, but it does not project seriousness and professionalism.
  • Hire the hosting service from a specialized company. The hosting service is essential to store all the files of your website. It is even the space in which the CMS and all its plugins will be installed.
  • Install the CMS you have selected. In the case of installing WordPress, it is recommended that you also install Elementor, a WordPress plugin that simplifies and speeds up the web design process. And remember that it is important to have WordPress and its plugins updated.

Now let’s move on to creating the web design for musicians.

Keys in web design for musicians

In addition to creating your page, you should aim for a design that reflects the music you play, your personality as a musician, or the style of the band you’re a member of.  Therefore, you must be very creative so that the web can reflect your spirit as an artist.

How to do it? You just have to choose the colours, the images, the fonts, the sections, etc. In addition, it is important to create interesting content in various formats. 

Next, we detail each of the key aspects to create a great web design for musicians.

1. Select a modern and attractive template

Depending on the CMS you are using, to create your web design for musicians, you must select a special template to display the portfolio of music producers, bands, and music of all kinds.

These templates will be mobile friendly, include audio and video libraries and players, featured image sliders, etc. They will even offer SEO functions and optimize your website for what positions in Google or another search engine.

For example, if you are using WordPress you can use one of the following themes:

  • My Music Band. An elegant and very simple theme.
  • Blakely. It offers a very aesthetic and elegant design.
  • Euphony. It gives a minimalist and elegant design to the web page. It is a very versatile theme within the music sector.

2. Add professional images

Photographs portrait, close-up, medium and medium close-up or a general shot that includes the landscape, the instruments, the public, etc.  

All web design for musicians should include professional photography. Only with this type of images will you be able to create an excellent impression on visitors. So, hire the services of a professional photographer.

3. Use the power of colors

According to the musical genre you play, produce or like, it is important to add colours to your website, it is the most powerful design tool and it makes it easier for you to create a unique style.

First add the photos. Then select the colours. A main colour that projects the genre of music. For example, a soft colour for romantic music or a vibrant colour (orange, red, etc.) for a rock artist or electronic music DJ.

Also use a 2nd colour to combine with the main one, to darken it, lighten it or create a contrasting effect. Also, select a 3rd colour that accentuates the text, buttons, lines, and shapes.

4. Select the correct font

In web design for musicians, fonts always should be clear, simple, easy to read, especially the one used for the body of all the texts on the web.

In the case of page, section or post titles, select a more artistic and creative font. Being able to combine fonts, but all in a coordinated way, that maintains coherence throughout the page.

Another important aspect is the colour of the font, it must stand out against the background of the page. The traditional is a light background and dark letters. But you can play with the possibilities. For example, an elegant style for the home page is to use a dark background (brown, black, red…) and a white font.

5. Includes professional content

It is important that visitors hear your musical work. Therefore, in addition to images, insert videos and audio on your website.

To include the content in an orderly manner, it is necessary that you include some sections in the web design of your page, a section for audio albums, another section for short concert videos, etc.

6. Create a blog

Blogging is one of the best tools to drive traffic to your page and is a huge opportunity to connect with your fans. 

Post interesting content about music, about your experience in music, your creative process… about any musical theme that interests the public and you. 

Remember, it is always important that you include the content resources that make it possible for you to show your work to the public, so that they know and follow you.  

Do you already know how to create a music website? Do you prefer a closer advice? Contact us. At Doowebs we can help you with the development and design of your website. You only have to explain us your project.