Cómo crear una página web de fútbol

How to create a soccer website

For every football team or club, it is necessary to maintain contact with the fans and enthusiasts of this sport. They will always want to know everything about training, matches, results, ticket sales, etc. But above all, they will want to find all the information in a single place.

And the best resource that exists is a website. What to do to have one?

If you need to promote your football team, or you were a lover of this sport and want to keep other fans informed about the latest news of their favourite club, you must follow the following tips on how to create a soccer web page.

How to create a soccer website: step by step

The first step to create a sports website is to choose WordPress. It is one of the most used CMS, it is free, easy to use, does not require you to have advanced knowledge and offers a multitude of themes and plugins so that you can customize your web page with the appearance and functionality you require.

To know how to create a football web page with WordPress, we leave you the steps below:

  • Choose a domain name that is related to the football team and is easy for users to remember, pronounce and type. Also, you must include related keywords.
    • The most recognized domain is .com. But it is also: .org, .es, .blog, etc.
  • Register the domain name you have picked.
  • Contract the hosting service. There are many companies that offer hosting and domain registration in the same hosting package.
  • Install the WordPress software.
  • Log in to WordPress as an administrator. Familiarize yourself with the interface. From there, you can control your entire soccer website:
    • The basic settings (permanent links, make the page public, time zone, etc.).
    • The creation and publication of posts, the uploading of images and the creation of subpages.
    • Customize the soccer web design, install plugins and themes.

What should a soccer web design contain

After knowing how to create a football website with WordPress, you need to know what elements and features a web design aimed at this sport should have.

Create multiple subpages

Of course, it depends on what you want to show or inform the followers of this popular sport. But the main sections you need to include in your soccer web design are as follows:

  • News pages.
  • Blog.
  • Item shop, if it’s a football team with merchandising.
  • Lists of the players, with their names, numbers, and statistics.
  • Classification table and results of all the teams of the season.
  • Videos about games, training, interviews and more.

Choose the best WordPress theme for your soccer website

There are countless generic WordPress themes that you can customize to any specific theme, but it is recommended that you use a special theme for soccer, because it will offer tools and features focused on the requirements of this sport.

Some topics for soccer web design are:

  • Real Soccer – Sport Clubs WordPress. It is responsive, allows customization of the appearance and offers specific functions, such as: the leaderboard, page for results, calendar, player profile, player list, match table, etc.
  • FC United. It allows you to work creatively on web design for football or other sports and offers the functions for selling sports items, displaying player lists, positions, statistics, results, etc.

Choose the perfect plugins for soccer web design

Plugins will help you include certain features that will make your soccer website unique and very functional. For example:

  • Plugins to create classification tables, comparisons, and records within the web page. Like the League Table plugin.
  • Plugins to optimize images, like SmartPixel. This type of plugin helps compress photos and reduce web page loading time.

Give prominence to the latest news

On the main page you must show the most important news, such as the departure of a player, the change of goalkeeper, the latest goals, the injury suffered by an athlete, etc. Also, never forget to include a great quality photo that illustrates the information.

Customize the theme for better soccer web design

After installing the chosen theme, you have to customize it so that it really projects the football team brand.

For example, adjust the colours, taking into account those that officially represent the team, include the team logo and always opt for an attractive and clean design, which facilitates the search for information by the user.

In addition, you need to keep the information updated, to interact with the users who comment on the web and to share the content of the football page through social networks.

You already know how to create a soccer website, you just need to encourage yourself to start your web design.

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