How to create an ecommerce step by step

If you have arrived at this article, you probably want to create an ecommerce and have some doubts about the process of creating it, what is it for, or some points and factors that you should consider the time of its creation. Creating an ecommerce is an important step, and requires as much work as […]

Trip to San Francisco: A unique experience in the cradle of technology

There are not many occasions in which you are given the opportunity to land in San Francisco with the team of Digital Minds of the School of Art and Design of Barreira, and a few other professionals, to attend a week of workshops and sharing. With the designers and creatives who are part of the big technology companies. The […]

How to create your website with WordPress

Creating a web page is nowadays, in a world so digitalized and global, essential for any type of business or company. It is hard to think of any company that does not need an online presence to spread its brand and business. When designing and scheduling them, there are many options, from hiring a programmer […]

How to accelerate a web page to 70% in 7 steps

There is no doubt that website speed matters now more than ever. As average Internet connection speeds increase around the world, web users are becoming less and less tolerant of slow load times. At the same time, Google has unequivocally stated that it prefers to reward fast sites with higher rankings in natural search results. […]

How to manually migrate WordPress in five easy steps

You want to improve your WordPress website and the best option that you have proposed is to change servers. You may not know anything about it and you get nervous, but calm. You should not be scared. We come to explain how to do it in a few small steps. From Doowebs we can also […]

Error calculating the price of the product PrestaShop

The current version of PrestaShop does not show the price of the product properly when we change the value of an attribute that affects the price change. Until PrestaShop developers do not publish a new version with this bug fixed, we at Doowebs have applied the following solution:

IV Ecommaster Congress

Last Friday we attended the  IV Ecommaster Congress where we witness various presentations and we were exchanging views with attendees.

White screen on Prestashop

When we find that suddenly one day to enter administrator prestashop gives us a glimpse blank and not let us do anything else it may be a space problem . The first thing to do is check whether we are giving an error . To do this we modify the file and change the […]

Vertical alignment or centered vertically using DIV

I have always encountered the problem of vertically align a div to avoid having to be modifying the paddingwhen the text size is too long and takes up two rows … well here I leave the point of how to make thisautomatic alignment as it we do when we use a table … and it […]

Windows RT automatic repair could’t repair your pc

f when starting our tablet with Windows RT automatic repair does not work, or you couldn’t reset the tablet. We get the followingMessage: Automatic Repair could’t repair your PC. Log File: c: \windows \ system32 \ LogFiles \ Srt \ SrtTrail.txt

Escaping quotes and special characters

One of the problems that we have found to make applications for PHP, is the need to escape the quotation marks in forms or in any update that is done from the front-end and stored in the DB my_sql. After reviewing some pages on the internet and see that many of us have the same […]