8 strategies to increase sales in your online store

Creating an online store is, today, a necessary resource to achieve greater productivity and competitiveness in your business. The first thing is to have a good platform for your ecommerce and, of course, Of course, offer excellent products. But in the digital world this is not enough. In this medium, in which there is an […]

Steps to design your web page in PrestaShop

Creating an online store is a project that goes beyond building a web page. In addition to making it work properly, you also need to provide a design that defines and projects your brand identity, while also being functional and attractive to visitors, customers, and potential buyers. At Doowebs we are professionals in Design of […]

Best free online photo editors

Images have become an essential element for any website, whatever its theme or purpose. But many times, the photographs we have are not perfect: they need a colour adjustment, a crop, a change… In this sense, having a good online photo editor is essential to be able to adapt each image to the place where […]

Heat mapping and eye tracking of websites to optimise conversions

Knowing what customers want is essential to be able to increase the conversion rate of a website and thus increase sales. In this sense, there are many useful tools to identify the type of content that most attracts the user’s attention, how they interact with it, what they overlook… One of the most interesting ones […]

Top image compressors for websites and online shops

Image compressors are an essential tool for any blog and website in general, especially if it is an eCommerce site. It is a procedure that consists of eliminating all the unnecessary data in order to reduce the weight of the image files, with the aim of improving the functioning of the website or application. But […]

Tools for teamwork from home

At Doowebs we start working remotely from home, collaborating with different companies and professionals. We continued to do it partially, since the entire team is usually not in the same office or is complemented by other companies and agencies. Now with the current situation it has been easy for us to continue working remotely as […]

Error calculating the price of the product PrestaShop

The current version of PrestaShop does not show the price of the product properly when we change the value of an attribute that affects the price change. Until PrestaShop developers do not publish a new version with this bug fixed, we at Doowebs have applied the following solution:

White screen on Prestashop

When we find that suddenly one day to enter administrator prestashop gives us a glimpse blank and not let us do anything else it may be a space problem . The first thing to do is check whether we are giving an error . To do this we modify the defines.inc.php file and change the […]

Windows RT automatic repair could’t repair your pc

f when starting our tablet with Windows RT automatic repair does not work, or you couldn’t reset the tablet. We get the followingMessage: Automatic Repair could’t repair your PC. Log File: c: \windows \ system32 \ LogFiles \ Srt \ SrtTrail.txt

Change rights and owners of linux recursively

When you spend half of your working life installing Joomla, WordPress and other free softwars on different servers, always end by hitting with the issue of rights. I can not upload files to some folder, with Plesk if I can not change the owner or I can not do it recursively or I have to […]