Web design for restaurants: the 10 best templates

The design of a web page is important for success of a restaurant, by having an Internet presence and having a tool that facilitates increased competitiveness and the introduction of new services, such as the reservation system or home delivery.

It is through a web page that a restaurant can show photos or videos of the establishment, publish the menu or know the concerns of the audience. For this reason, a good design is necessary to offer a better user experience, project the corporate image of the business  and improve positioning among search engines.

But how to do web design for restaurants? One of the options is to use a professional template that offers various functionalities, is responsive and can be fully customized.

Restaurant web design with Shopify templates

If you have built your website with Shopify, you are benefiting from a good platform to implement e-commerce tools. But to customize your website you can use one of the following two templates:


Emerge is a template that transmits energy and fun. It offers 3 styles: bright, dark and light. It is perfect for a daring style, for a restaurant that wishes to project a current image.

Emerge Shopify Template

It offers simple and fluid navigation. It is an ideal template to deliver information through the web and, at the same time, quickly capture the attention of users through high-impact images and figures.


Another of the best restaurant web design templates is Vantage. In addition to offering an energetic and modern style, it also has advanced features for online commerce, especially focused on home deliveries and the sale of collectibles, such as caps and promotional mugs.

Web design for restaurants: the 10 best templates

Vantage has the function to manage orders online. In addition, it allows you to add the location by map, to help people easily find the restaurant.

Web design for restaurants with WordPress themes

It is true that the article deals with templates, but it is necessary to mention the following WordPress themes for restaurants. They are high-level themes, which offer special functions.


Panpie offers a strong internet presence. It is an elegant theme, compatible with any mobile device. Allows access from any of the browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Explorer, etc.)

It’s a theme with great optionsof personalization. Includes Elementor Page Builder, the popular WordPress website builder. In addition, it offers a easy interface to add and remove elements, has hundreds of unique fonts, and unlimited color options.

Red Chili

Red Chili is a WordPress theme that conveys < strong>style and modernity. It has multiple features to customize it according to the needs of the restaurant. For example, it has the WPML plugin, to make the web multilingual.

Red Chilli plantilla restaurante

Its interface is very intuitive for the creation and design of each of the sections, it allows the creation of menus and the slideshow of meals in a highly creative way. Includes WooCommerce, a plugin to create an online store and be able to market the products.


Cristiano WordPress theme that brings elegance and sophistication to restaurant web design. It has 6 style modes for displaying menu images, provides various backgrounds, and integrates 15 unique widgets for the Elementor builder.

Cristiano plantilla restaurante

This theme offers functionalities such as the management of orders through the internet, the reservation online system and showing the location of the restaurant on Google Maps. Allows you to post photos and videos of meals or their preparations.

Restaurant Web Design HTML Templates

In addition to using a CMS, you also have the option of using an HTML template to create your restaurant website. This type of templates have the advantage of being easy to configure and fast to load, because they have fewer codes or files.


This template has a minimal and sophisticated style, a design with multiple features that makes it easy to create a strong web design. It offers sections to publish the daily specials, to show the menu, to make reservations, share recipes and include photos.


Delice is one of the best restaurant HTML templates with online commerce functionality. It has a modern design, with unlimited colour options and more than 700 fonts. 

It is a 100% responsive design, with parallax effect. It has the ability to post large images and offers booking forms, among other prominent options.


Tasty is another of the HTML templates that offers an exclusive web design for restaurants. It shows a minimalist style, is 100% responsive and includes booking functions. It offers several sections to publish the menu, create a blog, show testimonials, etc.


Pearl is a great option to create a modern design, 100% responsive and with a parallax effect. It has a version for restaurants and hotels. It offers the contact forms and to create the reservation system. It also has sections for the menu, creating a blog and displaying testimonials, among other features.


Tomato is one of the most complete HTML templates. It offers a highly modern, creative and 100% responsive web design for restaurants. It has a parallax effect and 42 pages to include services, display the menu, create a blog and manage reservations. It can also be integrated into the Instagram account.

There are diversity of templates that can offer a personalized design and make the web page an effective tool to enhance your restaurant, offering a good customer experience and showing the product or menu that you have created.

You also have the option of having a custom web development and design. It is the best way to differentiate the image and presence of your restaurant on the internet.

A custom web development offers you a unique customization, fully adapted to the needs of your business. Do you require help in web design for your restaurant? Contact us. At Doowebs we help you. We are specialists in e-commerce programming, corporate web, digital marketing and SEO positioning.