What are the most common types of programming languages and how to classify them?

In general, a programming language is the set of codes and symbols used, under certain rules, to form the structure of a computer application or of the different types of web pages.   There are hundreds of programming languages that exist. Although some are deprecated and others have very specific applications: in apps, to develop a […]

Steps to design your web page in PrestaShop

Creating an online store is a project that goes beyond building a web page. In addition to making it work properly, you also need to provide a design that defines and projects your brand identity, while also being functional and attractive to visitors, customers, and potential buyers. At Doowebs we are professionals in Design of […]

What is flat web design and what are its advantages?

In the current digital age, online pages are the presentation letter of brands, so knowing how to choose the right web design is more than essential. Web design is what brings to the page the visual elements that identify the company and convey its corporate identity. And according to the location, color and amount of […]

Types of errors on WordPress and how to fix them

WordPress is one of the most used Content Management Systems CMS for building web pages. It is a low-investment CMS, easy to develop and a very intuitive interface.  Even so, like any computer program, especially open source ones, WordPress can present errors related to the server, security, database, communication, etc. And all the errors, in […]

This is how the Digital Kit for the digitization of SMEs and the self-employed works

The time has come to boost your business through the business digitization plan, known as the Digital Kit. It consists of the awarding of subsidies to acquire and incorporate the technological tools that will lead you to the digital business transformation. If your business is in the category of small business, micro-enterprise or you are […]

The best real estate templates for WordPress

For real estate agents it is essential to create a website, since the Internet is the most widely used medium to search for real estate. But it must be an attractive website, easy to navigate, intuitive and that reflects the corporate identity. WordPress is one of the software most used in the development of real […]

How to make a dropshipping WooComerce

Dropshipping is an electronic commerce system that has become popular among entrepreneurs due to its great advantages. Mainly, because maintaining the stock of products and managing logistics and transport falls on a third party, the supplier. So, the economic investment is also less. But how can you create an online dropshipping store? First you will […]

How to change hosting with the same domain

Normally, in the creation and maintenance of a web page people have in mind the design, structure, and content. Since they are the parts with the greatest visibility and attraction for customers. But there are other elements of enormous importance for your page: the domain and hosting. The latter being responsible for storage and co-responsible […]

What types of web pages are there?

Currently, the Internet is the largest site for the production and distribution of digital information, of any kind and in any format. And its structure is based on the interconnection of web pages with different characteristics, in terms of the subject they address, the structure they display or the platform they use. When you are […]

How to choose the right WordPress template

WordPress is software for the creation and management of web platforms of any kind, corporate, personal, professional, and even for online stores or ecommerce. And among the first tasks that must be carried out, after its installation, is giving said website its own design. But… How to give the best image to the page. Well, […]

The importance of having updated WordPress and plugins

WordPress is a system that is used to publish and manage the content of your website in an easy and quite intuitive way. Like other content management systems, or CMS, to expand their functions they require the installation of a series of plugins, whose characteristics depend on the tools that you want to incorporate into […]

How to optimize your website so that it ranks on Google

The positioning of a brand is a key factor for any company to achieve success and remain in the market. This positioning means occupying the first places in the mind of the consumer, thanks to the association of the brand with unique and outstanding characteristics. Currently, in the midst of the digital age, this reach […]

How to create an online dropshipping store

If there is something that is constantly growing in Spain and in the world, it is e-commerce. Yes, the trade of both products and services, but through the Internet. A commercial form used by large companies and, above all, by those who are starting their business. There are various e-commerce models, but if you want […]

Types of web design: Apply the best according to your objectives

Many people think that all designers are the same, when in reality, there are different classes. With all the variety that there is, it is not difficult to imagine that there are different types of web design with their own purpose or objective.  They are based on a speciality and seek to fulfil a unique […]

Corporate identity: what is it and how to create it?

The corporate identity is one of the most important assets of any company. Without going any further, large companies take it into account in each of their advertising and marketing actions. An example that surely sounds familiar to you is “Apple” and its popular bitten apple logo, which has become one of the great technological […]

Differences between Wix and WordPress. Which is better?

If you are thinking of creating a web page, the first thing you should do is consider the architecture you are going to use. WordPress is a fairly complete CMS that continues to evolve with each passing day. It is characterized by its large number of available templates, for having plugins with which you can […]

The importance of design for the success of a web page

Do you know the importance of web design on your site? Imagine you are walking through a mall. What is it that invites you to enter a store you don’t know? On many (many) occasions… The showcase! Whether you are looking for something specific or not, the display case is an essential element to attract […]