Steps to create an online store in Woocommerce

Do you want to create an online store in WooCommerce? It is one of the most popular WordPress plugins, since it allows you tobuild an eCommerce easily and intuitively, as well as customize and manage it. In fact, it has a huge number of plugins that allow you to enrich its functionalities and improve the […]

15 plugins that you must implement in your Woocommerce

There are countless plugins for WooCommerce with the most varied functions: motivate the purchase, manage stock, improve the user experience, facilitate payment, generate conversation… Some are more useful and others are less recommended. So that you do not waste hours and hours testing plugins that may end up weighing down your website, at Doowebs we […]

How to improve WordPress loading speed

Did you know that the conversions of a website can drop by 20% for each second of additional load that it presents? Loading speed is one of the most important aspects of a website. Not only because it determines the usability of the page and, therefore, the user experience. In addition, it is a fundamental […]

WordPress security plugins and tricks

WordPress is one of the most secure content managers but it becomes vulnerable when webmasters start installing plugins that have security holes. In this article we are going to show you how you can shield your WordPress. We are going to show you two ways to do it: In a manual way, only recommended for […]

Trends in eCommerce for 2021

Beyond being at its best, eCommerce trends point to a 2021 full of changes and innovation; year in which the current inertia of the sector will continue to grow, driven by two main engines: technological advances and new forms of consumption. Over the past year, the Covid-19 pandemic has further fueled the development of the […]

Top 11 Free WordPress Templates

WordPress is arguably the favorite CMS platform on the web. Users love WordPress themes because they are easy to set up and can be used to create web pages like a blog or a personal and / or corporate website.

Improved loading speed of pages that include reCaptcha in WordPress

A system that allows you to avoid traffic from automated programs or bots is Google’s reCaptcha project. This project has evolved from version v1 to v3, and with this latest version, also called invisible reCaptcha, which appeared in 2018, it is allowed that human users do not need to perform any action to verify that […]

SEO improvement on multi-language pages without automatic redirection

On websites with pages in several languages, a common practice to improve the user experience is to redirect the website to the page with the user’s browser language if it exists. This practice is penalized by Google for SEO positioning, since it understands that the link is being concealed and deceiving the user to obtain […]

Payment method options and gateways for WooCommerce

Before starting any e-commerce project, we advise the client explaining the different payment methods for his future online store. Depending on the project, we recommend one or more of the clients that we are going to discuss below. Before the launch, we have to be clear about the payment gateways that we are going to […]

Optimize WordPress: the wp-config.php file

The WordPress configuration file is wp-config.php, where constants are defined and certain PHP instructions are given. This file should not be changed arbitrarily and it should be noted that the most appropriate place to add constants and functions is before the comment line: /* That’s all, stop editing! Happy publishing. */ If this file is reviewed, various sections can be seen, including […]

Use Grunt to automate processes

Grunt is a JavaScript task runner, a tool used to automatically perform frequent tasks like minification, compilation, unit tests and linting. It uses a command line interface to execute custom tasks defined in a file (known as Gruntfile). Grunt is distributed through npm and has a multitude of add-ons available. Before you start, you should […]

Creating a Gutenberg block

WordPress Block Editor. Building blocks. We are going to create a new block of dynamic content, implementing it in JavaScript. In this example, the block will be the featured image of a post and a link to that post, the user is being able to choose the post to be displayed by a search or […]

Creating a Child Theme in WordPress

A child theme is a theme that inherits the functionality of the parent theme. The main advantage of using a child theme is that by updating the theme you will not lose the modifications you have been able to make. To start we have to access, via FTP, the WordPress file system and create a […]

How to add styles to Gutenberg blocks

Block extension Let’s use an example to add a block style, extending the block editor and improving CSS design in WordPress. With this example, you add a class of your own to a block. Let’s see how to add a new style of quotes (“) to the citation block. We are going to add a […]

How to create your website with WordPress

Creating a web page is nowadays, in a world so digitalized and global, essential for any type of business or company. It is hard to think of any company that does not need an online presence to spread its brand and business. When designing and scheduling them, there are many options, from hiring a programmer […]

Tips to improve SEO in WordPress

We all know what WordPress is: an easy-to-use free content manager that works with templates or themes. But what not everyone knows is how to improve the SEO in WordPress of your articles to give more diffusion and visibility to your content. The easiest way to do this is to use plugins, which serve to expand […]

How to manually migrate WordPress in five easy steps

You want to improve your WordPress website and the best option that you have proposed is to change servers. You may not know anything about it and you get nervous, but calm. You should not be scared. We come to explain how to do it in a few small steps. From Doowebs we can also […]