The best templates to design a website for yoga schools

The best website design templates for yoga schools

Today, yoga is one of the most popular physical activities to keep the body and mind in shape and in balance. More and more people are looking for information on the internet about specialized yoga schools, to take classes both online and physically.

If you were a yoga instructor, created your own training program, have a yoga club or studio, you need a fully designed website to promote your personal or business brand.

For this, we bring you the 10 best web page design templates for yoga schools.

Free WordPress Templates for Yoga Teaching Website Design

There are several WordPress themes that have been specially designed for yoga schools, giving your website a very aesthetic online presence and helping you project your corporate image. Let’s start with the list!

Pranayama Yoga

Pranayama Yoga is a theme very friendly, flexible and interactive, special for online pages dedicated to physical training, fitness life and yoga. Includes personalized menu options and multiple sections (courses, testimonials, training…).

Also, it offers fast loading speed, SEU options, social networking, call-to-action buttons, etc.

VW Yoga Fitness

Theme VW Yoga Fitness is perfect for designing a web page for yoga schools. It offers a simple, yet elegant image. It’s very versatile, it’s useful for broadcasting live yoga classes, if you have a studio, are a personal trainer, do meditation workshops or teach the chakras or if you want to create a blog, etc.   

Blossom Spa

Blossom Spa is a very professional theme with a clean style facilitates the creation of various sections (services, equipment, banners, blog…). It is very user-friendly, offers fast loading and can seamlessly connect with social networks and followers.

It has SEU tools and allows it to be viewed on mobile devices, automatically adapting to different screen sizes.

WP Indigo

WR Indigo this is a theme multipurpose, perfectly adaptable to web page designs for yoga schools, especially as a personal blog of a specialized trainer.

This theme is quite light, flexible and highly customizable.

Paid Templates for Yoga Teaching Website Design

The following WordPress templates are paid, so they offer more options when it comes to customizing the design of yoga school websites.


Anahata is a very friendly theme with a modern style, distinguished and fully responsive. It has more than 800 fonts and allows full customization of colours, sections and other elements.

It is compatible with WooComerce and has additional plugins, for example, to create event calendars or class schedules.  


The theme Jogasana is designed for web pages that teach yoga, allowing classes to be streamed online. It has a clean, modern and elegant style.

With Jogasana you can create more than 44 internal pages and design the timetable tables. In addition, it offers a plugin for the easy creation of sliding banners, provides tools for SEU optimization and is compatible with WooCommerce, thus facilitating commerce of training articles.

Kriya Yoga

Kriya Yoga is another special topic for the web page design for yoga schools, meditation centres and physical and spiritual well-being. It has a minimalist and very modern style, with multiple customization options.

It also offers you the section to create a blog and obtain greater visibility for the web. Includes specific modules for courses, workshops, asanas, etc. And it provides you with several tools for creating tables of schedules, prices, and other important information.

HTML Templates for Yoga School Website Design

If you prefer HTML templates, you can select:

Yogstyle Spa Yoga Fitness

Yogstyle Spa Yoga Fitness offers quite a professional style, especially for yoga centres and online classes. It allows for easy customization.

Yogues Yoga Studio

Yogues Yoga Estudi is a modern template with a clean and attractive style. It has the blog section, service, testimonials, prices, etc. And it also allows online yoga classes.


FF-Fit is a template with a modern style and high contrasts. It is special for all kinds of companies dedicated to physical and mental well-being, such as yoga schools, gyms, sports clubs, etc. Its design is responsive and offers multiple options for optimal personalization.

As you have seen, in the page layout website for yoga schools accounts with a variety of template options, with which you will be able to customize your online platform to the maximum to give classes, get to know you or share valuable information of this philosophy of life.

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