How to create a Mobile First website

The world is in our hands. We cannot deny that we all carry a smartphone and, with it, we access dozens of pages every day. Today we want to explain to you what are the advantages of web design mobile first and how you can apply it in your next project.  Advantages of a mobile […]

How to design a website with Figma?

How to design a web page with Figma? If you don’t know Figma, it’s time to tell you a little more about this program. It is a software with which you can develop a web project with all the tools you can imagine, ideal for collaborative work. Today, we explain the basic steps to create […]

How to make a responsive web page with HTML and CSS?

The work of web developers reaches more and more people, since the internet can be visited from multiple devices. Making a responsive web design with HTML5 and CSS3 is what will allow a project to be much more functional and adaptable, as it will be able to be viewed without difficulty on mobile phones, tablets, […]

7 tips for innovative web design

In a world where the internet has developed so rapidly in just a couple of decades, standing out from the crowd can be a little tricky. For your business to be visible, it is important that you have an innovative and intuitive web design, and that is why we have come to help you today. […]

How to create a soccer website

For every football team or club, it is necessary to maintain contact with the fans and enthusiasts of this sport. They will always want to know everything about training, matches, results, ticket sales, etc. But above all, they will want to find all the information in a single place. And the best resource that exists […]

What is user-centered web design?

When designing and creating a web page, the user experience becomes one of the most important elements to guarantee its success. In fact, if you manage to give the user an experience attractive, simple and pleasant when he moves around your website, the chances that he will come back or stay longer times multiply exponentially. […]

The best templates to design a website for yoga schools

The best website design templates for yoga schools Today, yoga is one of the most popular physical activities to keep the body and mind in shape and in balance. More and more people are looking for information on the internet about specialized yoga schools, to take classes both online and physically. If you were a […]

7 Keys to get a web design for SMEs

Having a website means increasing business opportunities, especially for small businesses. Because a website not only helps SMEs to promote their products/services, it also allows them to generate credibility, distinguish themselves among the voracious competition and facilitate their expansion within the market. But on a web page, in addition to the need for good back-end […]

8 strategies to increase sales in your online store

Creating an online store is, today, a necessary resource to achieve greater productivity and competitiveness in your business. The first thing is to have a good platform for your ecommerce and, of course, Of course, offer excellent products. But in the digital world this is not enough. In this medium, in which there is an […]

How to create a music website

Whether you’re in the music business, as a band member, soloist or if you play an instrument, creating a music website will bring you incredible advantages. Not only will you project a more professional image to fans and the public, but also to music producers and the media. In addition, it is a way to […]

What is a static web page vs a dynamic one?

Currently, it is essential, whether as a brand, as a company or as a professional, to have your own website. It is the only way to have a real presence on the internet and the best way to reach those potential customers. The types of web pages are diverse, but you must choose one according […]

How to make a sports website

A sports website? Yes. Every club or sports team must have a presence on the internet, to contact their fans, show sports analysis and share relevant information. In addition, if you were a lover of a sport, you can also create one and share interesting data, such as results and analysis on performances of players […]

Web design for restaurants: the 10 best templates

The design of a web page is important for success of a restaurant, by having an Internet presence and having a tool that facilitates increased competitiveness and the introduction of new services, such as the reservation system or home delivery. It is through a web page that a restaurant can show photos or videos of […]

What are the most common types of programming languages and how to classify them?

In general, a programming language is the set of codes and symbols used, under certain rules, to form the structure of a computer application or of the different types of web pages.   There are hundreds of programming languages that exist. Although some are deprecated and others have very specific applications: in apps, to develop a […]

Steps to design your web page in PrestaShop

Creating an online store is a project that goes beyond building a web page. In addition to making it work properly, you also need to provide a design that defines and projects your brand identity, while also being functional and attractive to visitors, customers, and potential buyers. At Doowebs we are professionals in Design of […]

What is flat web design and what are its advantages?

In the current digital age, online pages are the presentation letter of brands, so knowing how to choose the right web design is more than essential. Web design is what brings to the page the visual elements that identify the company and convey its corporate identity. And according to the location, color and amount of […]

Types of errors on WordPress and how to fix them

WordPress is one of the most used Content Management Systems CMS for building web pages. It is a low-investment CMS, easy to develop and a very intuitive interface.  Even so, like any computer program, especially open source ones, WordPress can present errors related to the server, security, database, communication, etc. And all the errors, in […]