How to create an online dropshipping store

How to create an online dropshipping store

If there is something that is constantly growing in Spain and in the world, it is e-commerce. Yes, the trade of both products and services, but through the Internet. A commercial form used by large companies and, above all, by those who are starting their business.

There are various e-commerce models, but if you want it to be simple, without investing in a stock of products, have the shipment of these managed by a third party and start the business up in the shortest time possible, then, you can create an online store under the dropshipping model.

To learn how to create a dropshipping store, today we bring you the steps to follow.

What is dropshipping and how does it work

First you must be clear that dropshipping is a way of marketing products through an online store, in which the owner promotes said product and receives payment for them. But it is a third party, the dropshipper, who directly delivers the product to the customer.

Dropshipping can be seen as a logistics strategy in which two companies link up; while one carries out the sale of the product and receives a commission for it, the other makes the supply and makes the delivery to the buyer.

For this reason, it is ideal for those who do not want to make a large initial investment, since the store dropshipping will only make the commercialization of the product through the internet and will receive payment at the time of sale. But it will be the dropshipping distributor who will keep the stock of products and will send them to the customer who has made the purchase.

These are some of the reasons why many entrepreneurs want to know how to create an online dropshipping store.

How dropshipping works

The dropshipping is carried out by triangulation between the customer who buys a product, the owner of the online store who sold the product and the distributor who will ship the product directly to the customer. Basically, the operation is as follows:

1. Marketing. The merchant, owner of the dropshipping online store, offers the products for sale, through the following activities:

  • Business administration.
  • Sales and billing.
  • Online customer service.
  •  Marketing

2. Customer purchase. The customer selects and purchases the product through the online store.

3. Receipt of payment. The owner of the dropshipping store receives the payment and takes the corresponding percentage of the sale.

4. Order request. The merchant makes the purchase of the product from the dropshipping distributor, with whom, previously, he has established a commercial alliance.

5. Product delivery. The dropshipping provider delivers the product directly to the buyer, almost always under the name of the e-commerce brand.

As you can see, in dropshipping , the business owner does not need to have the products he sells, since he acts as a kind of intermediary between the client and the supplier.

Here the merchant acts as a showcase, carries out the marketing process and obtains a commission for each sale. This is, in essence, the mechanics of this business model. Undoubtedly, an important reason to learn how to create an online dropshipping store

How to open a dropshipping

To create an online store it is necessary to know which sector you are going to direct the marketing to, you must comply with legal regulations, create the web portal and look for the best supplier. The basic steps to know how to create an online dropshipping store are the following:

Step 1. Study the market

Through this study you will know which are the products that are most in demand. Find out what needs people have and what is needed to solve them. According to this, you should analyze which market niche you can enter to market your product.

Remember that competition on the Internet is getting stronger and stronger, so the best way to face it is through a market study.

Step 2. Set up a company

You must comply with all the legal requirements for the incorporation of a company. Therefore, you will have to select the legal form that fits what you want and comply with the respective taxes.

Remember that you must also comply with the Personal Data Protection Law and the Ley de Servicios de la Sociedad de la Información y de Comercio Electrónico.

Step 3. Create your store web page.

Define the domain and hosting of your store’s web portal. It is ideal to use the name of your company, since it represents your brand and will be the way in which customers will identify you. It also uses a CMS content management system and the necessary plugins applied to e-commerce.

Remember that personalization of your online store is essential. The design of the website will be the presentation face of your business.

Step 4. Select the providers.

Review the market and choose the dropshipping provider that best suits your service requirements. It is not only about finding the best price, it is about finding the perfect ally or partner for your business. For example, there is Bigbuy and AliExpress the two largest in Spain, the largest

Remember that the dropshipping supplier will be the one who delivers the product to your customer. Whether that buyer continues to be your customer will depend on the delivery time and shipping method. 

Step 5. Create a Marketing strategy.

Now you need to promote your business. Lean on social networks, use strategies such as content marketing and email marketing, describe each product and include the keywords for get better rankings.

Remember that initially your business is not known. Therefore, it is a good strategy to invest in advertising through Facebook Ads or Google Ads.

Dropshipping is a great way to market online and is ideal if you want to start your own business. > It has the advantage of not taking risks with the capital and not worrying about the logistics involved in storing the product, transporting it and delivering it to the buyer.

Now, you have the necessary tools to know how to create an online dropshipping store. In Doowebs We help you with the web design and development of your online dropshipping store. Get in touch with us and ask for an estimate without obligation!