The best real estate templates for WordPress

For real estate agents it is essential to create a website, since the Internet is the most widely used medium to search for real estate. But it must be an attractive website, easy to navigate, intuitive and that reflects the corporate identity.

WordPress is one of the software most used in the development of real estate pages. It is a very versatile CMS content management system that offers various design and customization tools for each section of the website to present real estate.

Among the best WordPress tools are the real estate templates with infinite combinations and colors. They are specifically configured to show in detail the characteristics of flats, premises, offices, etc., as well as to insert tools and payment channels for the rental or sale of the property.

How to select the best real estate WordPress template

Select the indicated WordPress template is essential for the development of your real estate business and the success of your project. The best option is to choose WordPress real estate templates with the features that:

  • Make it easier to create and display the catalog of properties to the potential client. For example, include:
    • Search filters.
    • Real estate comparison system.
    • Systems for locating properties.
    • Forms for inquiries.
  • Offer the visitor and customer an excellent experience.
  • They have great customization capacity.
  • Have SEO functions for web positioning optimization.
  • Expect constant updates.
  • Facilitate fast page loading.
  • Offer a responsive design.

What are the best WordPress templates for real estate

Among the best WordPress themes and templates there are some that stand out for their customization capacity and advanced options, which provide a certain exclusivity to each real estate website.

#1 Real State 7

The best real estate templates for WordPress

Este tema está dirigido a empresas de bienes raíces, corredores inmobiliarios y afines. Real State 7 es una opción bastante completa que ofrece:

  • Carga de archivos: planos, presentaciones, contratos, etc.
  • Sistema de búsqueda personalizada.
  • Marcadores de localización. Integración de Google Maps.
  • Traducción en más de 30 idiomas.
  • Widgets personalizados.
  • Optimización para SEO, entre otras muchas opciones y características.

#2 RealHomes

The best real estate templates for WordPress

RealHomes es un tema que cuenta con plantillas y herramientas altamente personalizables y con una interfaz de fácil uso. Ofrece, entre otras funciones:

  • Búsqueda avanzada de inmuebles, mediante formularios.
  • Comparación de inmuebles.
  • Clasificación de propiedades con filtros personalizados.
  • Galerías.
  • Formato de precio para cualquier moneda o divisa.
  • Sistema de seguridad.
  • Sesión para visitantes o clientes.
  • Compatibilidad para agregar documentos adjuntos a la propiedad, como planos o imágenes.

#3 HomesPress

The best real estate templates for WordPress

HomePress is a theme that offers 10 landings pre-designed for ease. It has a plugin (uListing) to increase the attributes, such as the creation of lists and inventories. In addition, it has:

  • Interface management.
  • Locator on map.
  • Support with various languages.
  • 360° virtual tour of the property.
  • Search storage.
  • Comparison of properties.
  • Image gallery.
  •  Fast loading speed, etc.

#4 WP Residence

The best real estate templates for WordPress

WP Residence is a fully theme responsive and ready for different languages. It offers more than 400 predesigned options that facilitate the creation of the web. Among its features are:

  • Complies with GPDR regulations.
  • Offers user, agency, agent and developer registration.
  • It makes it easy to obtain customer and potential customer data through forms. In addition, the administration of said data.
  • It has various menu designs.
  • Facilitates advanced search and location.
  • Offers a virtual tour of the property.

#5 Houzez

The best real estate templates for WordPress

The theme Houzez from WordPress is a tool that offers great customization options. It has various widgets to make a web more functional and easy to use. Among the various functions it offers are:

  • Advanced search with custom fields.
  • Navigation bar with multiple options.
  • Header and footer with extensive design options.
  • Tools for brand identification, for example, a wide range of colors and font types.
  • Tools for the individualization and detail of each property. For example: forms, mortgage calculator, gallery of images and videos.

#6 Zuhaus

The best real estate templates for WordPress
The best real estate templates for WordPress

Zuhaus is a topic WordPress with great options for displaying real estate. It has an advanced search filter and the possibility of registering the agent, the agency and the buyer or owner.  In addition, it offers:

  • Quick import of documents, images and videos.
  • Plugin integration (for additional price) for responsive design.
  • Customization of property publication and price packages.
  • Integration with Google and Facebook to log in.
  • Customization of the page through various widgets.

#7 Nestin

The best real estate templates for WordPress

This WordPress theme can be used by real estate companies and estate agents, either for buying/selling or for renting. Nestin features fresh and creative real estate WordPress templates. Among its main features are:

  • The ability to translate it into various languages.
  • The tools for importing content.
  • Free after-sales support.
  • The control panel for better customization.
  • Unique typography and page transitions.
  • Cost calculator.
  • Free access to the update.

All these real estate WordPress themes and templates are paid. They can also be found for free, but the paid ones usually offer more tools for customization, in addition, they usually incorporate support or assistance from the developers.

In case you use free WordPress real estate templates, we recommend that you explore their capabilities to make the most of the customization tools. It is the best way for your real estate website to stand out and project a professional image.

Of course, the best option is to leave the development of your real estate page in the hands of experts. It is the specialists who will know how to select the best design and the best functionalities for your website, always adapting to what you need.

If you have implemented WordPress to create your website, or any other CMS, you also have the option of using custom real estate templates for your business. For this you can contact us. At Doowebs we specialize in web design and development in Valencia. Contact us and we will recommend the templates that best fit your brand.