Corporate identity: what is it and how to create it?

Corporate identity: what is it and how to create it?

The corporate identity is one of the most important assets of any company. Without going any further, large companies take it into account in each of their advertising and marketing actions. An example that surely sounds familiar to you is “Apple” and its popular bitten apple logo, which has become one of the great technological icons of the 19th century.

How did they get to that point? Let’s start at the beginning.

Each company, business or restaurant has a physical or digital representation that becomes the brand’s own. And, thanks to this, users recognize it much more easily.

In the vast majority of cases they are logos or some specific elements, but there are situations where colors are more than enough.

If you want more information about what we call corporate identity, how it works and what a visual identity manual is… Stay tuned and keep reading to discover all the details!

What is corporate identity?

This is the conceptual image or representation that customers have of a company or business. It is not only the visual aspects, but also the feelings and values that it tries to convey.

It is made up of two important elements: the tangible (logos, colors, stationery, architecture, advertising, among others) and the intangible (mission, methods, processes, vision).

What is a corporate identity manual?

It is a document with the main element (the logo) that aims to offer a guide to any user who wants to use it. Through this, you will be able to know the correct way to use it in different media.

For example: Let’s say you have a company and you want your logo to be seen in different media to make yourself known.

Once you have it, the first thing you should do is send it to the company’s designer to work on advertising on social networks. It will also be in charge of printing advertising panels, printing shirts, making promotional products and much more.

Without the corporate identity manual, it is most likely that the designer cannot meet your expectations. He or she will do just what was asked, since he or she did not have a necessary guide to tell them how you wanted it.

However, when you give them this manual, suppliers will know the exact colors of your brand, the name of the font, the minimum size of the logo, among other things.

This is exactly what a corporate identity manual contains so that designers can do a good job. In the same way, they will know the correct and incorrect way to use the logo that you gave them.

What is branding?

The identity of a brand is based on the essence of a company and what it seeks to demonstrate to users. It tries to transmit the values, the objectives, what it offers and what differentiates it from other businesses.

All these elements together are the “Identity”. On the other hand, there is the “brand image” which would be the way in which the company makes itself known to others.

It is the behavior, language, name, presentation and projection that make it up. There must be a unity between all this so that the image can be attractive to other people.

The two concepts must work together, from the essence to the projection. If the two are at the same level, you will build a coherent brand, with support and, above all, original in the face of the competition.

What is designcorporate identity?

Corporate identity design is one of the most important phases when it comes to building a brand. This process goes beyond the design of the logo and the choice of corporate colors; it is what gives life to a brand and makes it unique; different from the others.

The culture of the company, the values, the history, the value proposition… There are many elements that make up the corporate identity beyond the visual aspects. Therefore, we can say that it is formed on two dimensions: one visual and one verbal.

  • The first includes aspects such as corporate colors, typography, logo, images, correct type of web design, design of corporate elements, etc.
  • The second includes, as well as we mentioned, the verbal aspects: the naming, the tone of voice, the claims and/or brand slogans… Even the style codes and the behavior of the organization.

In short, corporate identity encompasses all those verbal, visual and behavioral aspects that define a brand or company and make it completely unique.

How do you make a corporate identity design?

The first thing to do is investigate what’s on the market. This can be useful to get ideas and, in addition, to know which are the brands that have not worked.

It is also important to be in communication with the company so that they provide you with everything you need to complete the project. For example: you can ask for the predominant colors of the business to be able to use them in the design.

There must be a harmony between what you are creating and the elements that contain the brand or company.

The most recommended thing is to make several test logos to have much more variety when choosing. On the other hand, they have to take several tests to find out how the logo would look on different surfaces. From that point, you must begin to create the different graphic elements in accordance with the identity of the brand.

We have seen the most important aspects of corporate identity, from what it is to how to create it, although it is a topic that I would write books and books about. 

So, if you need help, don’t hesitate to write to us: the Doowebs team will be happy to help you!