What do you need to create an online travel website?

The offer of travel agencies that operate on the Internet has grown considerably in recent years. That is why many companies in the sector are moving to the digital sector and are wondering how to create a website to start an online travel agency.

Creating a travel website requires a series of steps to follow that will allow the project to be of quality and generate the necessary interest to increase sales of vacation packages. 

How to set up an online travel agency? 

Before starting to create a website for a travel agency, it is important to point out all those essential aspects in order to start an online business of this type:


Developing a good business takes time and the same happens if the project is developed on the Internet. It all depends on the results we want to obtain and in what deadlines , that is why it is recommended to carry out a project planning to know where to start, deadlines and time spent before opening an online travel agency.

If you are looking for good results and you are clear that this will be your business, you must do all this, in order to control and optimize the results.

A good computer and a powerful Internet connection

Although it sounds very basic, they are aspects that are taken for granted and not enough research is done on the subject . So you can find the offer that best fits your situation. If you are going to work on creating a website for your travel agency, you cannot be aware of whether or not the connection works.

Legal requirements

You must comply with all the minimum legal aspects that are required within the Autonomous Community in which you are going to establish your company. 

Digital knowledge

It will not hurt you to have certain knowledge of the operation of companies on the Internet , such as knowing what SEO, email Marketing, content strategies, corporate identity, etc. are. Knowing content creation platforms, like WordPress, also helps. In summary, the more you know about the world of digital companies, the better yours will work, and the less doubts you will have about how to create a website for a travel agency. 

Legal requirements to open an online travel agency

To know how to create a website for a travel agency, you have to start with the legal aspects . We will make a distinction between the legal requirements of the self-employed and the companies to create an online travel website . 

A general level:

  • According to the latest updates of the European directives, it is not necessary to have a title that accredits you to sell tourist services .
  • You should review the laws that affect travel agencies within your Autonomous Community because they may vary from one to another.
  • The General Directorate of Tourism of your Autonomous Community must be notified and must have all the information regarding the sale of tourist services that you are going to carry out.

If you are going to establish yourself as self-employed:

  1. The first step is to go to the Treasury to present the 036 model .
  2. Register as a freelance . For this you will have to present the following documents:
    1. The health care discharge part
    2. The affiliation document
    3. A part of the registration fee
    4. Photocopy of the IAE, the NIF and the CIF. The latter only if you are a society
    5. In the event of being a collegiate, also attach a photocopy of the certificate
    6. Once you register with the General Treasury of Social Security, you have 30 calendar days to take all this documentation to their offices and officiate your discharge
  3. Ask for the Guestbook , both freelancers and companies. 
  4. Ask for the employer number if you have in mind to hire someone else.

If you are going to establish yourself as a company: 

  1. Present the certificate to the commercial registry that proves that there is no other company that is called the same as yours.
  2. Open a new bank account in the name of the company .
  3. Prepare the deed and the statutes of the company before a notary.
  4. Pay the Property Transfer Tax in the Treasury.
  5. Register in the Mercantile Registry .

Your niche 

In the world of travel agencies there is a lot of competition. And while that is always a good thing, because it motivates you to improve, it can often be frustrating not to get all the gains you expect despite being doing everything right. 

And it is that in such a saturated market, it is important to find a market niche in which to be able to stand out and specialize . These niches can be:

  • Cruise ships.
  • Cultural tours.
  • Winter trips.
  • Honeymoons.
  • Travel to exotic destinations. 

As you can see there are different options to choose from. You have to be clear about what you are going to focus on when creating an online travel agency because sometimes it is worse to want to cover everything, since you may not end up offering an excellent service in all cases. Instead, working one or two options you can stand out.

What aspects should be taken into account when setting up a website for a travel agency?

  1. Define the service you want to give to your clients . What we said before finding a niche in the focus of efforts.
  2. Always be aware of the news that are emerging in terms of digital tools in the market. This will allow you to create a perfect travel agency website and thus differentiate yourself from the competition.
  3. Call on professional people to create the website . Hire staff if you also need to create quality content for the web constantly. If you want to do it on your own you will end up not having time. At Doowebs we will create the website of your perfect travel agency.
  4. The web design has to be timeless, attractive and professional because it is not just any online store. You want people to go to your page and make reservations thanks to the effectiveness and practicality of your website. 

Are you going to set up an online travel agency? Do you need to create a website for your travel agency? At Doowebs we offer you the best results for you to achieve your goals online. Contact us