Search Engine Positioning: 5 Recommendations to be Seen on the Internet

What happens when you develop your website with all the good intention of the world to generate sales and suddenly nobody enters? Nothing happens, neither good nor bad. And, then you start to ask: what am I doing wrong?

But quiet, to go unnoticed on the Internet is common. Not for the product or service you offer, but for the strategies you use so that people can find you in the network.

Do you have any options to improve? OF COURSE!

Not all pages get positioned quickly because many of those who have a website do not have knowledge of positioning in Google and are unaware of the operation of search engines.

They do not know the importance of the links, how to optimize your page, much less know what are the key words that should be used for optimal positioning in search engines.

That is why, in this article we give you some practical recommendations for your website to turn around and increase your visits and positioning in search engines.

Recommendations for having good search engine rankings

1. Content: the king of positioning in Google

Currently there is a large number of pages that offer information and, in many cases, this is not of quality. In order for your page to achieve a better web position in Google, it is necessary that you add smart content , images, audios and videos where the reader has different means to understand the information offered.

You also need to know that, when handling the content of your website, an important element is the keywords that make up your text. These must be placed so that your website is understood by Google and so that when a related search is made, the search identifies it and shows it as a result.

However, nowadays it is increasingly important the naturalness with which they are introduced, having a favorable impact on organic positioning and helping to fit the web better in searches. If you use WordPress, you can follow these tips to improve the SEO of each of your articles .

2. Traffic to position the web page organically

Our experience tells us that the most visitors come from Google. This generates a quality traffic because when a person enters Google to perform a search is because it aims to find information and, if appropriate, make a purchase.

As an example, imagine that you own a website where they sell chocolate. A user enters Google and looks for “white chocolate”, “white chocolate sale”, “cheap white chocolate sale”. Google displays 10 results. Do you know what search result has the enormous probability that the user clicks? You know the answer, obviously the first.

Hence, it is important that your website is positioned the first. The traffic you get on each page will be relevant when positioning your web page . The probability that the traffic is directed towards your page is greater, if you use the keywords indicated for each page.

3. Web structure in shape!

The physical conditions of the page and the implementation of improvements in your website depend entirely on you. In this case, you have full control of the changes that occur internally.

Of such improvements depends that your website is positioned in the search engines in the best way.

Some of the improvements you can apply to the structure or design of your website are:

  • Maintain titles with fonts and large enough size and color.
  • Ensure clarity with which the content and organization of the content is expressed.
  • Do not forget to innovate and use creativity to present ideas, images or titles.
  • Have a good internal linking on each page to be useful to the user.

It may be that it is a little complicated. However, we specialists in web design and development, we can help you with the optimization of your web. Just consult us and we’ll be delighted.

4. Enables indexing

In the network there are robots (software) that have the task of exploring websites in order to analyze the pages that make up a site. This is how Google finds them. First, it analyzes a page, when it finishes with it, it goes to another taking into account the links that it has. And so on.

Some of this data is stored in your index for easy display when a person searches. This is called indexing and is a crucial element for the search engine.

Make sure your website is being visible by search engines so that users can find it when they search.

5. Be visible on mobiles

The use of smartphones has become widespread. Thanks to this, mobile communication is reaching a boom since most people use it to search and buy. That’s why it’s very convenient to tailor your site to make it accessible via mobile .

If your page is not found on mobile by the Google robot, it is recommended that you generate a mobile sitemap and send it to Google to inform you that it exists in mobile version. So this will show this version to users.

A Sitemap or Sitemap is a list of URL’s that a website has. In other words, it is the index of a web that is generally designed to make it easy to locate them by search robots.

With the Sitemap you can provide information to search engines about the category of your website, the updates, the pages you want the search engines to index, and finally, the priority that search engines have to give to each page.

Although perhaps many people consider it simple to position your web page in Google, it takes time and dedication. It is necessary to work and develop these aspects so that the positioning of your web page is productive.

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