How to create a website for a real estate agency

Internet is here to stay and more and more companies are seeing their main showcase in this space for obvious reasons. The arrival of the Internet has completely changed the way we had to live, relate and even consume. So it is already impossible to conceive a day to day without social networks or without Internet access in general.

Today it is impossible to imagine a world in which businesses have not uploaded their services to the cloud. It does not matter if you are a more or less technological person, the truth is that if you have a business you must have an Internet presence with your own website to be able to sell your services more efficiently.

In the real estate sector the same thing happens, so creating a website for your real estate is very important. More and more people are looking for houses and apartments on the Internet and not through traditional real estate agencies. That is why part of your money has to go to make this type of investment, thus helping to publicize your business.

Why is it important to create your real estate website

The most direct answer would be because everything is now moving through the Internet: negotiations with banks, with insurance companies, buying in the supermarket, renting or buying houses, etc. Companies have moved towards the online sector because they have seen in it the possibility of expanding their sales possibilities in a very easy way.

So having a website for your business will get you more customers. But for this the web has to be up to date, that is, it is not worth making a web page in any way with a neglected and old design. The digital sector changes and is constantly updated and if you are in it, you have to do the same.

Creating a web page that is easy to navigate and that the client finds really useful is the ultimate goal of this whole process.

How to create your website from scratch

As usual, if you do not seek professional help, all this may sound strange to you and you may not know where you should start. There are people who decide to take charge of their project and take the initiative in all phases of creating a website. Although the best thing will always be to hire a professional team specialized in web design.

In general, the first decisions to create a website for your real estate agency are:

  • Pay for a domain and hosting in which to put your website.
  • The name of your business may not be free and, if it is, buy it as soon as possible, otherwise someone will be able to take it and you must change it. It is very important that the online name of the business reconciles with the offline for there to be a match. If the domain is not free, you must include small changes in the name with hyphens or periods until you find one that is available to buy.
  • There is a very frequent question that refers to the termination of the web, if it is more correct to do so with ‘.es’ or ‘.com’. The most correct thing would be to buy the maximum possible. Why? The domains are relatively cheap and thus you will avoid possible legal problems in the future.
  • Will it be a website with content? If you plan that your website host a blog or a section in which you can put relevant information for your customers, you should bear in mind that you need a CMS, such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc. Choosing one or the other depends on the needs you have and which one is going to be able to cover them best.
  • The website will have to be optimized for SEO from the beginning. For this you must know the keywords that stand out in the real estate sector. In this way, we can ensure that the web is scaling up the search engine since its creation and that it does not ‘stumble’ aimlessly while asking yourself ‘where is the investment going and why is it not working?’

Do you need more reasons to create your real estate website?

Creating a web page from scratch is not difficult if you know some programming, the problem is to make a good web page. It is useless to create a website for your business if it later turns out that it is not useful or helps you sell more. But always keep in mind that the website is one more sales channel, it should not be the only one.

A good real estate business must have an organized process and a hierarchy that helps it to function properly. Therefore, things like taking care of web maintenance can distract you from the first objective, which is to be number one in your sector.

If you need help both to create as well as to maintain, your website do not hesitate to contact professionals to do it for you. With Doowebs you will have everything under control and you can focus on organizing your day-to-day and offering a good service to your clients, leaving aside the headaches that creating a real estate website can cause.
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