como crear una empresa

Steps to create an online company in Spain

If we are going to create an online store in Spain, it is convenient that we take into account different aspects and that we rely on professionals that can guide us throughout the process.

I’m going to give you some tips, before telling you the steps you should follow to create an online business and start selling products or services, billing for them.

Tips for creating an online business

Before starting to create our company , we must understand some things, with the purpose of not making the mistakes that everyone makes.

It is very likely that in the first few attempts we will fail, but with time, we will acquire experience and improve, until reaching our objectives.

Many of the failures usually come from not knowing yourself or studying the environment that surrounds you, which is why we are going to review these factors before telling you the necessary steps to know how to create an online company.

Analyze yourself

Before starting to create an online store, we must know ourselves well, and understand well in what situation we are, this will help us to mark a path and keep moving to create a company

Objectives and lifestyle

Surely like everyone else, you would like to have a lot of money, but by removing the money, it is very likely that you would like to do different things in life, that you have some objectives and style of see it and live it differently from the rest.

It is important to highlight what our goals are in life and what we are doing to achieve it, as well as if they are aligned with our lifestyle.

If our goals do not align with our style, we should change our lifestyle little by little or change to smaller goals that help us change this style.

What do you like?

Surely, you like to do some things more than others, so you should try to focus on doing what you like and make it known.

You must exploit your tastes and shout to the world that you like to do that in particular, that you spend time and that has a lot of experience, which can help, guide or teach others.

What is your environment?

The environment in which you move and relate is quite important, as it will facilitate the success of your company.

For example, if you dedicate yourself to the hotel or to the events, and you are inside, and you interact with people from many associations that organize parties, it is very likely that you end up hiring products and services to you before others.

Another example is that if you dedicate yourself to selling products online about perfumery and creams, and you know many people who usually make use of these, as makeup professionals, it is very likely that they end up buying from you before others.

Your knowledge

During all your lifetime, you have been acquiring experience and knowledge based on experiencing different situations, whether in games, with people who normally go out, failures and successes, work experience, training, etc.

All this is what defines you and has made you who you are and how you are.

This knowledge are a key part to offer them to people who want to hire your services or compick up your products.

Analyse what you want to dedicate to

After analysing ourselves, we must analyse the part of the company we want to create and if it aligns with our ideal of life, style, knowledge and environment.

Is it compatible with your ideal life and goals?

If your company is not compatible with your ideal life, your lifestyle and goals, it is very possible that you fail. It is necessary that they are aligned as it is something you are going to spend a lot of time with.

Working on something that prevents you from reaching your goals, will eventually make you tired and want to spend less time since you will not be okay with it.

Is any special need required?

It is important that you analyse if you need any special needs, the most likely is that you need the help of experts to create an online business in Spain, since creating an online company entails a lot of knowledge and experience that a single person can not meet, or it will be quite difficult.

Steps to create your online business in Spain

Now that we have analyzed some needs and if they adapt to our way of life and our goals, we can start to create our company. If not, it is convenient to dedicate time to it and draw up a plan.

steps to create a company

Define the business idea

First of all we must know what we want to offer and how we are going to make a profit . If we do not know or know the product, and we do not know how we are going to get the profitability, it is very possible that our idea ends up failing since it can not finance itself after a while.

Create the website that suits your company

There are several platforms to create an online business, it is convenient that you choose correctly according to the services or products you want to offer now and in the future.

If you need help, here you can find a guide on how to create an ecommerce.

Register as autonomous

Something you should not forget is to sign up as a self-employed person or to create a company SL or Joint-Stock Company, to be able to declare and make invoices to your clients.

Not doing it and not declaring your earnings is considered a crime in Spain and is harshly prosecuted and punished by law.

Search for customers

Once our website is created and registered as freelancers, we should start searching for clients who buy or request services from our company.

A good way to start is by contacting people close to our circle, and we tend to relate.

TIP : it is not necessary to register until we have to invoice, so we can wait to find clients before registering as freelancers to declare.

Make improvements on the web

It is important to make continuous improvements on the web in addition to constantly updating it. This will give a feeling that the page is still active and will attract the attention of the users.

También ayudará a que mejores algunas secciones que irás detectando con la experiencia y el análisis de tu web o incluso directamente, de la opinión de tus clientes.


Crear una empresa online en España, es un proceso sencillo, la mayor dificultad reside en la creación de la web orientada a los clientes y vender el producto o servicio. Por ello, es recomendable que cuentes siempre con la ayuda de expertos para desarrollar y llevar a cabo esta tarea.

Al final, cada uno debe dedicarse a aquello que sabe y conoce, por lo que, si no eres experto en el desarrollo de webs, es mejor contactarnos para que te facilitemos dicha tarea y te sea más fácil lograr el éxito en tu empresa.