How to create your website with WordPress

How to create your website with WordPress

Creating a web page is nowadays, in a world so digitalized and global, essential for any type of business or company. It is hard to think of any company that does not need an online presence to spread its brand and business.

When designing and scheduling them, there are many options, from hiring a programmer who performs a professional and specific job, even cheer up yourselves and throw yourself in the pool with a platform free.

One of the best known and used tools in this sense is, without a doubt, WordPress . This platform allows you to create your website easily, quickly and with a very clean and clean design. In addition, it is very easy to manage, regardless of whether it has a store integrated or not. It is also totally free and allows you to use all of its functions without having to use a premium template.

In this article we will show you how to create your web with WordPress in a few steps without having to be an expert programmer.


1. Choose a domain and a hosting


The first thing you have to do to create your website with WordPress is to find a domain name that adapts to your business. The domain is important because it will be your online business name and how your customers will meet you.


Once you have chosen the domain, you must find a hosting for your webpage. The accommodation, basically, is how to rent an office for your company, but for your web page on the Internet. The accommodation allows your portal to load quickly and not collapse for a long time in case of problems. Without it, you will not be able to configure your page and modify it. So choosing good web hosting is essential.

2. Install WordPress

Once you have chosen and purchased your domain and your hosting, your web page will be ready to design, configure and publish. The next step is install WordPress .

Almost all hosting have the option in the control panel to install the platform with just one click. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Log in to your hosting account
  2. Go to the control panel
  3. Search for the WordPress icon
  4. Choose the domain and directory where you want to install your web portal
  5. Click on the “install” button and you will have access to your new WordPress webpage

3. Choose the best template for your business

Congratulations, you already have your WordPress webpage! Now you need to give life to your portal. You need an identity, an image and your own style to differentiate yourself from others.

Thanks to the free WordPress templates , you will not have any problem finding what you like best to be able to create your personal style, the Platform offers a wide range of templates to customize your web .

4. Optimize your webpage for SEO

One of the most important things to keep in mind when creating your website with WordPress is that all the content you create and write, both on the pages and on the blog, must be Web-orientated positioning.

SEO is essential in order to disseminate and give visibility to your content. This will allow your website to position itself in Google search in a position that allows you to generate traffic and get new customers. To achieve these results it is very important to also look at titles, subtitles, images and keywords. These factors influence a lot in the event of your website together with many more factors.

Through these tips to improve SEO in WordPress you can create your web page optimized since. Remember that another very important variable is to collect and analyze all the data of the users entering our website, in order to improve their experience.

5. Use Different Plugins

Plugins are extensions that allow you to expand the possible actions in WordPress, adding features to your site that without them would not be available. These tools can be used to add a photo gallery, a subscription form or to create your e-commerce, between thousands and thousands of options.

After creating a webpage with WordPress, Installing a Plugin will make it very simple, just go to the “Plugin” section in the column on your left and click on “add new”. From here, you just have to look for the complement you need and once you have found it, install it and start using it. There are more than 25,000 free plugins available, choose based on the one that best suits your needs.

Congratulations, you’re ready!

With these simple tips you can start creating your website with WordPress in very few simple steps, because your website can attract new customers and transmit a brand identity and image to what it represents.

Remember that when it comes to creating your website with WordPress, it will be very important to orientate content to SEO to achieve greater traffic on your web page, improving the reputation of your business and your brand, while the Connectors can help you improve and refine your page.