Best caching plugins for WordPress

A website that takes time to load is annoying. But not only that: according to a Google report, this leads to several problems:

  • 46% of users believe that the worst thing about browsing the Internet is slow loads
  • One in two people think it should load in less than 2 seconds
  • More than half of the visits will leave if the load time exceeds 3 seconds

On the other hand, an agile website is able to attract more organic traffic, lower bounce rate, and generally ranks higher in the SERPs.

In short, yes: time matters, and a lot. But how can I make my website work quickly and agilely?

A proper WordPress caching plugin will give you the answer. In this post we will see what they are, why they are so important and what are the best options for your website.

What is a WP caching plugin and why do you need one?

The cache memory is a system that allows data to be stored on a server to give quick responses to future requests on a website. And what do cache plugins do? They are responsible for saving and managing all dynamically generated HTML files in the cache, with the aim of reusing this previously generated information for future actions.

This allows you to avoid having to load the PHP scripts every time and, as a result, drastically reduces page speed or web loading time. Therefore, it is possible to save time and money, because by improving the user experience (UX) and climbing positions in Google, it is possible to increase organic traffic.

When do you need a WP caching plugin?

Having a caching plugin is essential for websites that receive a lot of traffic. But what happens on the contrary? 

“My website has very few visits… At the moment, I don’t need the plugin”. 

This is a very common belief, but as web development experts, we recommend installing it from the beginning. Although at the moment your website is receiving few visits, they react negatively to slow loads, something that will prevent you from scaling your project and obtaining better positions in Google. In short, you would enter a wheel that is very difficult to get out of.

If, on the contrary, if you offer a experience of optimal user, no matter how few visits you have, users will spend more time on your website, which will translate into an increase in Google positions and, from there, an increase in organic traffic.

Although some changes may take time to be seen, and from time to time it’s time to fix some plugin glitches, it’s worth installing a caching plugin.

In case there is still any doubt, we recap the advantages:

  • Increases loading speed
  • Less pressure on the server, which translates into better performance (especially essential for highly dynamic websites)
  • Improve user experience
  • Reduces bounce rate
  • Improve SEO indirectly

And now we come to the second part: 

Which WordPress caching plugin should I install?

There are different ways and plugins to work with caching. Each one has different functions and, therefore, will be useful in some cases or others.

Of course: to avoid compatibility problems or any other obstacle, from Doowebs we recommend you to test it first in a local version of your website.

Here are our favourites:

WP Rocket

For many webmasters, the best caching plugin for WordPress.

It does not have a free version, but it presents a series of advantages that make it worth paying for:

    • Quick and easy installation

    • Optimizes the heaviest loads

    • Quality technical support

    • Very effective cache preloading system

    • Excellent result

Hyper Cache

This free plugin is ideal for low-budget websites looking for a quality solution. It works very well on mobile devices and is very popular with beginner programmers, because of its simplicity.

    • Free

    • Easy setup: install it and forget it

    • Suitable for any type of WordPress blog

    • Works on large and small devices

    • CDN support to break into large server networks

    • Benefits blogs with lots of comments

    • High speed

WP Super Cache

Without a doubt, one of the most famous WordPress plugins in terms of caching. Above all, its adaptability to user needs stands out: if you are a novice, it makes it very easy for you with a simple installation and recommendations for use. If you are an expert, you can configure it to your measure to respond to the particular needs of your website. In short:

    • Easy installation

    • Adaptability to the user

    • Excellent caching services on any size website

    • Free plugin

    • Automatic rubbish cleaning system to optimize the operation of the web

    • Incorporates CDN to improve file distribution

WP Fastest Cache

With more than 400,000 active installations, this plugin is one of the best valued by users. Of course, for the most experts, since it requires a somewhat more complex configuration.

    • Lots of functions

    • Adaptability to the needs of the web

    • Ideal for expert webmasters

    • Optimal result

Simple Cache

Her name says it all. This WP caching plugin is one of the easiest to use. You just have to install it, activate it and forget it. He will do the rest: he will optimize your website to streamline processes. Of course, it has a more advanced system, optional for those who dare.

    • Very easy to install

    • Useful and functional

    • Good results

    • Advanced Options

W3 Total Cache

We couldn’t say goodbye without including this plugin in the list of the best. It works as a set of tools to streamline any web page and offers very versatile functions.

This makes the plugin itself heavy and, if not used on the right website, can have the opposite effect. In general, it works very well with powerful and heavily visited web pages that fail to reduce load times.

    • Free

    • High compatibility with different types of servers and hosting

    • Quality indicator of a website

    • SSL support

    • Functional in the mobile environment

Now that you know the best ones, their advantages, and their functions, dins: 

Which WordPress caching plugin are you going to install?

If you are not sure or prefer a professional to advise you, do not hesitate to contact us.

From Doowebs, web page design, we will be happy to help you to scale your project towards levels unsuspected. Ask for a quote without obligation!