Best free online photo editors

Best free online photo editors

Images have become an essential element for any website, whatever its theme or purpose. But many times, the photographs we have are not perfect: they need a colour adjustment, a crop, a change… In this sense, having a good online photo editor is essential to be able to adapt each image to the place where you want to place it.

This task, however, is the subject of many doubts and difficulties for those who have no knowledge of photo editing or who cannot install a paid programme on their computer.

If this is your case… Don’t worry: Here are the best free online editors to create and perfect all the images you need for your website… Or your networks.

Let’s get on with it!

Six free online editors to make your photos look their best

Although many professionals and amateurs rely on the classic paid programmes, there are more and more free online photo editors and image compressors on the Internet that offer a multitude of useful tools.

Most of them are quite simple and intuitive, so you can take advantage of them whenever you want without advanced knowledge of image editing. And if you are already an expert…

What are we going to tell you!

Adobe Photoshop Express

It is the free version of the editor par excellence: Photoshop. It was launched by Adobe a few years ago to meet popular demand for photo editing, and it has really caught on with users.

Why? Because it allows you to edit images from your smartphone and perform the most basic editing actions (cropping, rotation, selection of predefined dynamic effects, collages, changes in saturation, exposure or contrast…). As a feature, you have the option to retrieve the initial photograph at any time.

In short, a minimalist interface that delivers professional results to both expert and amateur audiences.


This free programme offers sufficiently varied and powerful tools for professional use.

It allows you to use filters, layers and many other expert image-editing features, but has a simple and intuitive interface that is ideal for beginners: Pixlr Express.

In this way, users can take advantage of its effects, text with different fonts, brush tool, stickers, red-eye correction…


Programmed in HTML5 language, this free editor offers a web and mobile version so that users of different levels can design images and edit photographs: collages, correction of light, colour, contrast… As well as cropping, rotating and other more advanced tools.

It has a special feature, which is that it offers sections dedicated to very specific jobs such as the creation of postcards, portrait editing and other visual elements, which are increasingly in demand by companies.

All in all, it is very interesting for amateurs and beginners. But also for influencers and online marketers.


This is an online photo editor designed for social media management. To do so, it has a huge bank of images, backgrounds, elements and tools that allow you to create images with the exact dimensions for specific spaces: posts for the Instagram feed or to create stories; headers for Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, thumbnails for YouTube…

It also offers different templates to create other types of elements such as flyers, CVs, business cards, presentations, posters… And it also allows you to adjust and edit photographs for a web page, although the tools it has for this are somewhat basic.

In short, it is a very interesting tool for social media managers and social media lovers in general.

PhotoScape X

Although it takes a little more time to learn and master, PhotoScape X provides a wide range of tools for editing photographs: effects, filters, text with a multitude of different fonts, cloning stamps, frames, deep editing, patterns to use in your designs… In addition, this free software has different guides and tutorials that allow the user to professional results.


We could not finish without mentioning this online editor, whose interface is very simple and intuitive and, moreover, allows you to edit images with different formats, from JPG and PNG to GIF, PSD, SKETCH, ANY, XCF…

And in pure Photoshop style, it allows keyboard shortcuts to perform its actions and works with layers, magic wand, grids…

These options suggest that this is an editor with a lot of potential, offering results as professional as Pixlr and even competing with the giant Photoshop in some aspects.

In short, all these editors can be a more than interesting option if you want to edit photographs to illustrate your web page, modify their dimensions, create images and elements for social networks…

However, each user will have to choose the most suitable one in each case according to the type of image they are processing or wish to create, its format, their level in editing tasks and, above all, el objetivo que persiga. Would you like to receive personalised attention? At Doowebs we are experts in everything related to the creation and management of websites. Contact us and we will be happy to help you!