Tools for teamwork from home

Herramientas trabajo

At Doowebs we start working remotely from home, collaborating with different companies and professionals. We continued to do it partially, since the entire team is usually not in the same office or is complemented by other companies and agencies.

Now with the current situation it has been easy for us to continue working remotely as a team for the development of projects, since we are used to working from home with different online tools that help us on a daily basis, next I will show you some of them, classified by type:


Gmail / GSuite

We have our domain with GSuite, so we use the different online tools that Google offers under our domain.

As a mail client we use GMail, which offers us different advantages, of which we highlight the following:

  • Possibility of classifying emails by labels.
  • It works as our mail server, separating it from the server where our website is hosted, saving resources from it.
  • Allow 5 to 30 seconds to undo the shipment, in case we made a mistake when sending an email.
  • Integrated with Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Hangout and the various GSuite tools.
  • Work offline.

Google Hangouts and Hangouts Meet

Google Hangouts allows us to chat, make calls and video conferences. This option is integrated into GMail and also has its applications for different devices.

Hangouts Meet designed for companies, is similar to Google Hangouts but with the difference that it allows us to create a link with which conference participants can easily access. This has limitations depending on the contracted GSuite plan.


Slack is another of our communication channels, where different channels can be created to communicate between the users you invite to your workspace. Through these channels, users can send messages and share files.



Asana is a very powerful tool for team and project management, it allows you to create different projects with tasks. You can assign tasks to a user, set a description, attach files, create associated subtasks, and set an end date for this task. It has many more features, I invite you to try it for your next project.

Other alternatives to Asana, which we use in different projects, are Trello, BaseCamp or Jira.


This online work tool controls the time we dedicate to each task, you simply have to indicate the project and the task you are carrying out at each moment, then you can see reports of the time you have dedicated to each of the projects and / or clients . Very useful for calculating project costs. It can be linked with Asana.

Google Calendar

Our agenda, in this we write down all the events and meetings. It allows you to create shared calendars, invite users to events, even create conferences in Hangouts Meet for virtual meetings.


ERP OpenSource very complete and free. We use this tool for all administrative management: client management, budgets, invoices, accounting, supplier management … We have it installed on one of our servers, so it can be accessed from anywhere through the web browser.


Google GSuite / Google Drive

As we have previously mentioned, some of the tools we use are integrated into the Google GSuite. Our documents hosted on Google Drive are accessed directly from the browser, with the possibility of editing, duplicating, sharing with other users, adding comments … It allows you to create different types of documents: text documents, spreadsheets, features, forms, drawings …

Web design


Prototyping application, ideal for web and application design. Similar applications we also use AdobeXD and Figma.


Similar to Sketch but it works on the web, accessible from the browser. An application that this felt every time more popular in the teams of designers, because it allowed the treball of different users on the mateix project in real temps.


We use it to access the designs that designers give us. With the code inspector we can see the CSS of each element and download the assets provided by the designer. Other alternatives that we have used in different projects are Zeplin or AdobeXD.


Free design tool, retouching and image editing.

Web development

Visual Studio Code

Code editor that we usually use for our projects. It is compatible with different programming languages and it has the possibility of installing extensions that automate and facilitate the daily work of the programmer.

Google Chrome

Most users use it as a browser, we also use the code inspector, which offers us many tools for web development, we also use Firefox which has a fairly complete inspector and with different options.


Version control system for our source code. Necessary when more than one programmer is involved in a project.


The FTP client that we have been using for years. It allows us to access the files of the web hosting in which we work.

Mamp Pro / Xampp

Web servers to mount locally on any PC or Mac. These servers allow us to work on web development on our computers before uploading them to production. We use Mamp Pro for Mac and Xampp for PC.

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