Tips to improve SEO in WordPress

We all know what WordPress is: an easy-to-use free content manager that works with templates or themes.

But what not everyone knows is how to improve the SEO in WordPress of your articles to give more diffusion and visibility to your content.

The easiest way to do this is to use plugins, which serve to expand the functions that WordPress offers you from the outset. One of the most practical and useful plugins is WordPress SEO Yoast, although there are many others that offer a wide range of possibilities. If this topic interests you, we can explain other plugins and what they serve in future posts.

How to use the WordPress SEO plugin Yoast

When you have it installed, WordPress will tell you what you have to do and what information you should expand or reduce to get a higher SEO position in WordPress and better dissemination, as we discussed at the beginning of this post.

The first thing you will have to do is write the title and body of the article as you always do. Below you will see a separate section called ” Yoast SEO “. Do you see it? Well, let’s start:


The snippet will be the first thing that appears in WordPress SEO Yoast. And that’s how your content will look in Google search based on the content you’ve launched to the WordPress platform. Inside the snippet we have to differentiate the title , the slug and the meta description, although the 3 have something in common: the keyword should appear. It is practically the most important if our goal is to improve the SEO of our articles in WordPress.


As we mentioned earlier, the keyword of your article is the first thing you have to be clear about. Even before you start writing. Since this must be present throughout the article and its title, in the slug and meta description and in at least one title of a sub-section.

That is why WordPress Yoast SEO asks you to indicate what your keyword is. To be able to analyze if enough appears along the content that you have dumped the platform.

As it can sometimes be unnatural to always appear the same words in your article, you can use secondary words or variations of your keyword and thus improve your SEO in WordPress. Because, as you know, Google penalizes the “unnatural”.

Content analysis

At the end of the section WordPress SEO Yoast , you will find the content analysis. This works through a color code, which is as follows:

  • Red: bad optimization. You will have to check what is indicated in this color to improve your WordPress positioning.
  • Orange: regular. It is best that you try to make all the circles green, although many times it is very difficult for it to be natural.
  • Green: perfect. This color indicates that everything that WordPress SEO Yoast analyzes is correctly optimized.

Other tips to improve your SEO in WordPress

Places titles and subtitles

Divide your content into titles (H1) and subsections (H2 or H3) to make the content of the article much clearer. But you have to be careful, because if we break the text too much, we can get the reader to work and become counterproductive.

Insert links

The links greatly enrich the text. Try to include at least 2 or 3, and have either internal (links to other of our posts) or external (other websites) to improve SEO in WordPress.

Includes images or videos

Who does not like an article having images or videos ? The content becomes much more visual with just include an image. In addition, in this way, we content all types of public. That is, there are people who prefer to read what they want to know, and there are others (especially the younger ones) who prefer to see or hear it. And this is what is achieved with images and videos.

Anyway, in order for images to improve your SEO in WordPress, you must include the label “alt” and describe in a few words what the image shows. Of course! In this description it is necessary to include at least once in any of the images of the article the keyword.

Put articles and tags

Inside WordPress, right on the right side of the Yoast SEO plugin, you will see two sections: category and tags . On the one hand, the first ones serve to be able to pigeonhole the different articles of your blog and reach the user faster. And on the other hand, the labels in turn classify the different categories. That is, with the labels you can spin even thinner.

Create Responsive Content

Currently we can connect to a blog from a computer, a tablet or a mobile. Connecting to the network through one or the other will depend on where you are, how long you are going to be connected, the age of the user … That is why it is important to adapt the content to all devicesd.

In addition to improving your SEO in WordPress, you will get your article more widely disseminated by having the ability to reach all users from any device.

If you consider all these tips, you can reach new readers, although here we leave a complete guide on how to improve the SEO position of your article in WordPress.

Finally, we want to advise you that the most important thing in SEO is to analyze. Analyze what the keyword is, of course, but also who your readers are, what they look for in your blog and how they like you to put the content in WordPress. But above all, what kind of content attracts them. Only in this way will you get every week to visit your blog to see if you have published a new article.