Website maintenance in Valencia

Valencia website maintenance

If you are looking for who can do web maintenance in Valencia, you have come to the right place. At Doowebs we have a team of professionals specialized in web design and development, who can help you with any incident you find on your page.

If you are looking for a budget for web maintenance or simply want to know how we work, we are going to detail our maintenance services. Having an optimized website will help you to generate a greater number of visits, to have a functional and attractive page and, ultimately, to achieve a higher sales conversion.

What web maintenance services do we offer?

WordPress Maintenance

As a web maintenance company, we have extensive knowledge of WordPress that will help us improve the user experience on your page. We will detect possible errors that are deteriorating the usability of your business website and that prevent optimal usability for visitors to move easily.

But updating a website is not only correcting errors, but carrying out preventive actions that help prevent other problems from reproducing. The maintenance of the different elements, the hosting or the architecture of the web is key to attracting the attention of the user.

This maintenance service has a great impact on your website and your company, since usability and user experience also translates into better organic positioning in search engines. Removing broken links or updating outdated content is also a task that directly affects the page.

WooCommerce Maintenance

WooCommerce online store maintenance

Website maintenance should be one of your priorities if you have an online store, because it is a source of income that will stop working if the user sees that there are problems. A high concentration of traffic, plugins that constantly fail or payment gateways that do not work can be serious problems in an e-commerce.

All these web performance improvements will help, as we have said before, to make SEO positioning work better, but also to make the user experience optimal. Nobody likes to buy on a website with bugs, as it denotes a lack of professionalism and undermines customer confidence.

If you have a large database of buyers, many items in your inventory, and use campaigns, discounts, and offers frequently; Do not hesitate to contact us. Having all this structure under control will help you get the best performance from your website.

Technical assistance and training

Another of the services that we offer at Doowebs is technical support and training, so that you can solve some minor problems on your website yourself. We will be there whenever you need it, such as when it is necessary to improve the security of your website, so you can dedicate yourself entirely to your business without having to worry about anything.

Our team will diagnose the existing problem and begin its repair as quickly as possible. The necessary tests will be carried out to verify that everything is in order, the speed of the page and if there are possibilities of something similar happening again.

At Doowebs we also manage maintenance with security copies and backups, and thus you will have the peace of mind that all the information on your website is safe. Whether it is due to an external attack, a problem with WordPress or any other incident, we can upload the data again to have as few losses as possible.

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How does the web maintenance service work at Doowebs?

Our web maintenance service is carried out annually, within a budget that includes the client’s requirements and that includes periodic updates of WordPress, plugins and a complete revision to make sure that everything works correctly.

In addition, we have a system of bags of hours that can help you reduce the cost of web maintenance. A minimum of 20 hours is hired, and they include:

  • Web maintenance
  • Web development
  • Technical assistance
  • Training

You should keep in mind that:

  • Any task consumes a minimum of half an hour from the pack.
  • Task requests are necessarily made by email, Asana, Trello or similar.
  • The completion of the tasks is carried out in a maximum of 3 working days, as long as they are not highly complex.
  • The hour packs have an expiration of 1–2 years, depending on the hours contracted.
  • We are committed to carrying out a maximum of 10-20 hours per month, depending on the pack that is contracted. If more hours are needed, the completion of these during the month will depend on the availability of our team.
  • The total cost of the pack is paid in advance, before starting any maintenance task.

Do you want more information about the maintenance service?

If you want more information about the web maintenance service, we are your WordPress design and development agency in Valencia. Get in contact with us!