Website positioning and Digital Marketing

Organic website positioning and SEO services we offer in Doowebs

  • SEO Audit and Initial SEO Set Up
  • Identification of competitors in SEO positioning
  • Analysis of the competitor’s web positioning
  • SEO Optimization On Page
  • SEO Off Page / Linkbuilding Strategies, Link Purchase Management and Press Release Management
  • Search and keyword strategy for web development and content
  • Establishment of objectives and recurrent to position keywords in the first search results
  • 6 months planning of the actions to be developed by the company
  • Identification of optimized pages and keywords to assign
  • Analysis of factors to optimize (alt in images, title in hyperlinks…)
  • Creation / revision of sitemaps and robots.txt
  • Adequacy of texts and metadata with respect to the study of keywords
  • Web Analytics
posicionamiento seo valencia

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