Trends in eCommerce for 2021

Beyond being at its best, eCommerce trends point to a 2021 full of changes and innovation; a year in which the current inertia of the sector will continue to grow, driven by two main engines: technological advances and new forms of consumption.

Over the past year, the Covid-19 pandemic has further fuelled the development of the sector, which has grown in three months the same as over the last ten years, according to digital analyst Benedict Evans.

But… In which direction?

7 e-commerce trends for 2021

Although the future is uncertain, we can already confirm some eCommerce trends for 2021. If you have an online business, or if you are looking to create an ecommerce… Take note!

  1. Personalized shopping experiences

Although it has been tried for the last few years, the development of Big Data will allow us to personalize the customer experience in a much more precise and direct way. Obtaining and analysing large amounts of data offers very relevant information about the client: needs, tastes, formats, devices, places…

The result will be none other than the hyper-personalization of content through different channels.

And in this sense, storytelling has a lot to say. The power of a good story has been demonstrated over the last few decades, and brands will have to apply it to create long-lasting, quality bonds with their audiences.

Augmented reality and virtual reality are other technological applications to improve the shopping experience to unimaginable levels. Companies like Lowe’s, Ikea or Sephora have demonstrated this with their most recent campaigns.

The key is to find the most attractive and original way to capture the attention of potential customers. Your attention… And your little hearts, because emotions occupy a central place in the new era of communication.

  1. AI to influence purchasing decisions

The possibilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) know no limits and, as such, considerable progress is expected in 2021 when it comes to predicting trends and behaviors during the purchase process in order to influence it and direct the customer to the final transaction. Something closely related to Big Data.

  1. mobile commerce

60% of traffic in online commerce is made from tablets and smartphones, according to a study by SalesForce. This means that online stores are focused on eCommerce and, therefore, eCommerce trends for 2021 point to an increase in mobile payments. In fact, companies are becoming aware of the importance of offering fast and efficient checkouts to minimize the rate of abandonment during the purchase process.

  1. fast deliveries

Most online stores do not offer ‘same-day delivery’. That is, shipping the product within 24 hours of purchase, if possible the same day. It is not a novelty, but today’s customers are increasingly accustomed to this type of facility and, if you don’t give it to them, your competition will.

Specialists point out that even small local businesses will incorporate this system into their deliveries, in many cases, with the support of logistics outsourcing.

  1. News in packaging

The way the product is presented is very important in all sectors, but especially in e-commerce, since the customer cannot see or touch it until the package is opened.

For this reason, it is essential to be up-to-date with the 2021 trends in eCommerce product packaging. They point to four basic characteristics that many brands are already applying:

  • Revealing packaging. Transparent packages or with certain transparencies to reveal the interior.
  • Soft colour palette. It transmits more naturalness and sympathy.
  • Bold textures. To compensate for the minimalism of the package and its colour, some brands are already experimenting with striking textures on the packaging.
  • Flat design. ‘Flat’ illustrations are still in fashion for 2021 and, as such, are inserted into packaging to take advantage of their visual potential.

Remember that we are talking about trends, but each company must choose the design that can best convey its corporate identity to maintain brand consistency.

  1. Monthly subscriptions

eCommerce trends are forcing companies to launch new business models. Giants like Amazon Prime Now show that the monthly subscription system can work very well even in the retail sector, something that allows customers to offer added value and add-ons (extensions of the products or services they have purchased).

  1. Interactive emails

The written content is fine. It is essential, in fact. But it is no longer enough: now the public is looking for interactivity and new experiences, for which there are tools such as:

  • Drop-down menus, so that the user opens the tabs that interest them, consuming only the information they want to see.
  • Videomarketing. This and other new formats have enormous potential to attract customers in email marketing campaigns. Take advantage of them.
  • On-site purchases. They allow minimizing the steps that the user must take in the purchase process to increase the chances of completing it successfully.

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