Social Media

When we talk about Social Media we refer to the media set that allow linking information over the Internet through social networks and virtual communities.

In Doowebs we use the resources offered by the Internet to improve the presence and interaction of your business in the various social networks.

We study each case and according to each customer and industry suggest that social networks have to work harder to reach potential customers.

We are specialized in the most popular social networks:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Google+
  • Youtube

Although we adapt to any social network or virtual community to the needs of each client.

Social Media Doowebs

Social Media Services:

  • Internal analisis
  • Competitive analysis and positioning of competitors
  • Creating and managing accounts / pages / profiles on different social networks
  • Maintaining social networks
  • Share own and other content
  • Find relevant contacts
  • Interaction
  • Selection of social networks and relevant directories, developing a plan and posting content
Serveis Social Media