Social Media and Community Management

When we talk about Social Media we refer to the set of supports that allow information to be linked through the Internet through social networks and virtual communities.

On the other hand, by Community Management, we refer to the management of these supports, in such a way that they generate a brand reputation and a specific positioning for our company, project or profile.

In Doowebs we focus on the management of Social Media and Community Management have the desired effects based on the objectives previously defined in the strategy.

We study each case and according to each client and sector we recommend the social networks that have to work harder to reach potential clients. It is important, before starting to create profiles, to stop to think about the function that we are going to give it, and if that contributes an added value to the user.

We specialize in Community Management of the most popular social networks, although we adapt to any social network or virtual community according to the needs of each client:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Instagram
  • Youtube
Social Media

Social Media and Community Management Services:

  • Internal analysis of the state and trajectory in Social Media
  • Analysis of competition and positioning of competitors in Social Media
  • Elaboration of a content and posting strategy
  • Creation and management of accounts / sites / profiles in different social networks
  • Maintenance of social networks (Community Management)
  • Search and dissemination of relevant internal and external content
  • Tracking of publications and interaction with the user

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