SEO improvement on multi-language pages without automatic redirection

11 October, 2020

On websites with pages in several languages, a common practice to improve the user experience is to redirect the website to the page with the user’s browser language if it exists. This practice is penalized by Google for SEO positioning, since it under


Search Engine Positioning: 5 Recommendations to be Seen on the Internet

20 October, 2017

What happens when you develop your website with all the good intention of the world to generate sales and suddenly nobody enters? Nothing happens, neither good nor bad. And, then you start to ask: what am I doing wrong? But quiet, to go unnoticed on th


Tips to improve SEO in WordPress

29 September, 2017

We all know what WordPress is: an easy-to-use free content manager that works with templates or themes. But what not everyone knows is how to improve the SEO in WordPress of your articles to give more diffusion and visibility to your content. The


E-commerce SEO

11 August, 2014

By placing an e-commerce project, the SEO must be taken into account during the development of this, both by the developer as part of the user who will take over management of web content. In this article I want to meet other basic aspects to consider

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