Error calculating the price of the product PrestaShop

7 November, 2016

The current version of PrestaShop does not show the price of the product properly when we change the value of an attribute that affects the price change. Until PrestaShop developers do not publish a new version with this bug fixed, we at Dooweb


White screen on Prestashop

15 July, 2015

When we find that suddenly one day to enter administrator prestashop gives us a glimpse blank and not let us do anything else it may be a space problem . The first thing to do is check whether we are giving an error . To do this we modify the defines.i


E-commerce SEO

11 August, 2014

By placing an e-commerce project, the SEO must be taken into account during the development of this, both by the developer as part of the user who will take over management of web content. In this article I want to meet other basic aspects to consider


Logo transparent in Prestashop

5 January, 2014

In most Prestashop templates to customize the logo of the topic happens to be in JPG format so transparent become white canvases. To use images with transparency (PNG), we must perform the following steps: Upload the image logo.png to the /img our Pres


Column ‘quantity’ in order clause is ambiguous

20 November, 2013

What do we do when we get the following prestashop warning? Column ‘quantity’ in order clause is ambiguous Super easy! We go to our cookies we delete the browser and the web that is giving us problems. For example, in Safari, go to Preferences / Privac


Emails does not work in Prestashop 1.5

7 March, 2013

If you have problems sending emails in codestashop must check : The address is correctly : codeferences -> Contact Employees -> Contact Modules -> Email Alerts Check that there are folders with files of emails in the languages ??used in codest

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