E-commerce SEO

11 August, 2014

By placing an e-commerce project, the SEO must be taken into account during the development of this, both by the developer as part of the user who will take over management of web content. In this article I want to meet other basic aspects to consider


Duplicate content in K2

13 March, 2014

K2 Component for Joomla allows us an advanced management of our items by adding extra functionality not available in the content management system Joomla. The problem comes when Google webmaster tools to warn us that this component is creating duplicat


Reset Joomla admin password

27 November, 2013

Who has not ever forget your password to enter the backend of joomla and started to get nervous. Today we teach you to do when you do not remember the password of the admin user can not enter the backend of Joomla in any way. We remind you that the fir

joomla k2

Solution to duplicate images in K2

20 May, 2013

I noticed that in version 2.6.6 of K2 in Joomla! 2.5, to extend the main image out duplicate an article in the lightbox, to solve this problem I added to the CSS the following code: #sbox-content.sbox-content-image{ overflow: hidden; }


Joomla security

16 May, 2013

The facilities of Joomla! made in ignorance, we can give enough security problems. For this reason then we show a series of safety recommendations to consider when launching a Joomla site. To increase the security of our website in Joomla! we must bear


How to translate the alias menu for Falang 1.2.0

24 April, 2013

Although newer versions of Joomla! and come with a native translation system, all users of previous versions are accustomed to using JoomFish. I myself have tried using the native translation manager Joomla! 2.5 and I like to use a component


Accents in K2 Joomulus

31 May, 2012

In the tag cloud for K2 Joomulus URL’s fail because they do not recognize the charactersLatinos, to solve this problem we need to edit the filemodules/mod_k2_joomulus/helper.php approximately in line 36 and replace: Original code: $tagcloud .= “<a h


Joomfish error items menus in K2

30 October, 2010

When attempting to translate with Joomfish a menu item that points to a category of K2 does not works out well because it loses parameters. Apparently the problem is that the length of the field that should host the link is not long enough. To fix this


Connect to an external db Joomla with Joomla framework

19 October, 2010

If you need access to tables in the same database of Joomla simplementes then we use the method JFactory->getDBO. For example: <?php $db = JFactory::getDBO(); ?> $db is now a  JDatabase type object and can perform operation


How to Ajax or Javascript tabs integrated into the core of Joomla

1 September, 2010

More AJAX to integrate what we will do is insert a call to a Javascript function within a Tab Joomla ! ( JPaneTabs ) without making a hack to the core! How ? For a slightly odd but very clean ( sloppy style! ) The way Joomla! 1.5 shows how you can easi


Enter items in Joomla using a mobile with Android – Joooid

2 August, 2010

Joooid is an application that lets you publish articles in Joomla! from your cell phone with Android. The application also allows you to post photos in the article, but with a low resolution and a map with the position from which you have written the a


Joomla 1.5 SEO Optimization

25 June, 2010

Before you start optimizing our Joomla! for better indexing by Google, we must first create us a Gmail account. Link to Google Analytics: To keep your stats from Google Analytics joomla simply register an account with google analytics and install two e


Failed to enable friendly url of Joomla

27 April, 2010

When we try to change the friendly URL of Joomla from the control panel, we can show the following error when clicking on any link on the Web. The requested URL / was not found tudireccion on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found Error was Encount

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