Joomla security

The facilities of Joomla! made in ignorance, we can give enough security problems. For this reason then we show a series of safety recommendations to consider when launching a Joomla site.

To increase the security of our website in Joomla! we must bear in mind the following recommendations:

  • Keep Joomla! and extensions updated to the latest version
  • Download extensions and templates sites like
  • Check that the directory permissions are 755 and the files 644
  • Periodically make backups of the files and the database. For this we recommend Akeeba Backup
  • Utilzar user database can not be accessed from another server that is not the same as the web
  • Enable URL‘s friendly Joomla!
  • Remove templates and extensions that are not necessary
  • Don’t use the superuser admin, changue the access name
  • Use the. Htaccess Joomla!, we can do renaming the htaccess.txt that comes by default .htaccess

Recommended Extensions

  • AdminTools: this extension performs security checks and allows us to perform different actions to keep our site safer.
  • AkeebaBackup: make backups of your sition with a single click from the backend of Joomla, both of the files and the database.
  • EncryptConfiguration: uses RSA to encrypt passwords or any other information you want in the components.

A part of these actions, the periodic review of a professional will keep your website safe. 16