Joomla 1.5 SEO Optimization

Before you start optimizing our Joomla! for better indexing by Google, we must first create us a Gmail account.

Link to Google Analytics:

To keep your stats from Google Analytics joomla simply register an account with google analytics and install two extensions. To register an account you can go to and create a new account and register your domain. When you do and generates a tracking code like: UA-XXXXXXXX-X that will be what you need to enter in the Tracking Module.

Once registered install Google Analytics Tracking module Module that serves to track all your Joomla pages done! and configured with our tracking code.

Link to Google Webmaster Tools:

Login to Google Webmaster Tools and add our site. By adding a site we facilitate a code UA-XXXXXX type.

We install Joomla! the pluguin Google Verify and configure it with our code of Webmaster Tools.

Install Xmap 1.2.7 component and configure it with the options you want from our menu that are in the sitemap.

Once we have the configured component, copy the preferences of our sitemap URL and paste into Google Webmaster tools for Google to index the links on our website.

Friendly URL’s

Install Artio JoomSEF for managing URL’s friendly. Once installed to work properly we need to change the URL’s friendly, this option is in the configuration of Joomla. Then we access the JomSEF Artio component configuration and activate it.

Keep in mind that the component has ArtioJoomSEF extensions for different components, there are some that can be downloaded directly from the Manage Extension option and also can update the component.

If any component gives us problems with URL’s friendly or not to have the extenion JoomSEF, the best option is to disable friendly URLs for this component. Artio JoomSEF allows you to enable or disable URL’s friendly in every compoente to perform these actions we can do it from Manage Extensions and gained access to the configuration parameters of this component in JoomSEF, there we will see the “Handling” parameter if you activate the option “Do SEF “will disable the friendly URLs for this component.

Now wait a few days to see the results in Google. There is no magic formula, but I assure you this helps.