How to translate the alias menu for Falang 1.2.0

Although newer versions of Joomla! and come with a native translation system, all users of previous versions are accustomed to using JoomFish. I myself have tried using the native translation manager Joomla! 2.5 and I like to use a component as Falang for translations.

After installing Falang and start using it I realized that I was not the possibility of translating the menu alias, so research and I found that this option is not yet enabledin Falang, so it has to be added manually. We explain how to do it:

We have modified the menu.xml file found in \administrator\components\com_falang\contentelements in this file replace the code:

<field type="readonlytext" name="path" translate="0" posthandler="saveMenuPath">Menu Path</field>By:

<field type="text" name="path" translate="1" posthandler="saveMenuPath">Menu Path</field>The only downside of this patch is to stop work Falang module to change the language. What I have done with this new problem is to create a custom HTML module with links that go to the homepage of the website in each language, although not the same as the module Falang, I prefer this solution to not being able totranslate aliases menus.