How to choose the best hosting for your WordPress website

Choosing the best hosting for WordPress is one of the most important decisions when launching a new online project.

And it’s not always easy.

In fact, with the huge number of providers that exist, it is common to get carried away by the cheapest option (or the most expensive, thinking that because it is, it will be the best) without taking into account other fundamental aspects.

But… What are these aspects?

In this post we tell you the 8 keys to help you choose your hosting.

Strategic points to choose hosting for your website in WordPress

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Specialized in WordPress

It seems obvious, but it is very common for web page administrators to end up going to hostings that are not specialized in WordPress, despite being the most widespread CMS today.

This does not mean that choosing one of these options is detrimental to your project, but surely you can find a much more suitable one that helps optimize its operation.

To recognize specialized WordPress hosting, you just have to look at its home or services page, since they usually specify it clearly.

Availability of the servers

Activity time is all the time a website is available to users. Surely you want to earn money through sales, services, advertising or other methods. Or maybe you just want to offer your audiences what they want, when they want it. In any case, a website with constant failures and interferences will harm your entire project.

To avoid this, it is essential to opt for a reliable hosting company that guarantees a maximum activity time, around 99.9%.

Load speed and performance

The loading speed is decisive so that users do not leave the web as soon as they arrive. Surely you already know it, because you are also a user and on more than one occasion you have left a website because it did not respond.

Beyond the problem that many of your users give up, this aspect is one of the most punished by Google, with which your project could suffer serious consequences in terms of SEO.

To do this, make sure you build a website as simple and effective as possible with your WordPress installation; optimize all the graphic elements that you hang on it and, of course, choose a fast hosting that will help you position yourself better in Google and, ultimately, improve the profitability of your project.

The most important thing is the response time, that is, how long it takes for the server to respond from the moment access is requested. It should not be more than 500 milliseconds.

Security against possible attacks

It sounds like a lie… But it is not: even if you are not a large corporation, you can be a victim of attacks and malicious acts on the Internet. To avoid this, you need a secure hosting with attack detection systems capable of protecting your content, the personal information of your customers and potential customers… In short, a hosting capable of protecting your business.

Some providers have stepped up their game in this regard and have launched different tools aimed at blocking attacks or isolating virus-infected websites to prevent others that depend on the same server from being affected. Bet on them.

24/7 technical support

Websites crash, suffer attacks, blockages…

So, even though it may seem like you don’t need it right now, trust me, chances are you’ll need tech support at some point.

If possible, fast, reliable, specialized in WordPress and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


When creating a website and choosing the best hosting, you must put yourself in the worst of situations. Imagine that, despite reinforcing it by all means, you suffer an attack or another type of problem that compromises all your content, information…

To avoid the greatest of disasters, it is best to prevent these situations. Some hosting services have backup copies that are made every day automatically and that, with just one click, can be reinstalled on the web. Don’t hesitate to have them.

Security certificate

And continuing on the path of security… It is more than advisable to choose a hosting provider that offers free security certificates, SSL or other types.

Of course, to take care of SEO and show your best face to Google. Also to convey confidence to your audience. But above all to avoid possible attacks that could ruin your project.

Hosting with extras

There are many extra services that can improve your website in many ways.

For example, advanced caching systems that optimize performance; security filters; automatic backup services to restore the web in case of problems; possibility of adding new websites to the same hosting…

Or a test website that, although not essential, can be very interesting before creating new projects or making important changes in a test environment.

In short, we have given you the keys that you must take into account when choosing the best hosting for WordPress and start your project on the right foot.

If you look at all these aspects, you are probably right. Even so, it does not hurt to hire a hosting with a refund option so that, if it turns out that it does not convince you, you can get your money back after a trial period.

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