How to Ajax or Javascript tabs integrated into the core of Joomla

More AJAX to integrate what we will do is insert a call to a Javascript function within a Tab Joomla ! ( JPaneTabs ) without making a hack to the core!

How ? For a slightly odd but very clean ( sloppy style! ) The way Joomla! 1.5 shows how you can easily add a javascript to log full panel tabs . But on the other hand there is no way to pass a variable to execute a javascript every Tabs or another. I mean when you click a tab in this “onclick =” .

So now I was resigned to see that was not possible when … ” Mmm ! … I spend two text strings and id …. Voilà ! Concatendo And if I put one of these strings ” . The string of text then hits within a span and was obviously not possible but in the id, EXAMPLE !

echo $pane->startPanel( JText::_( name_panel' ), 'id_panel" onclick="javascript:recargar(\'page\')" ');

We have not modified any files of Joomla ! , Nor is he learns what has happened and we can run the Javascript we want! Perfect if you have brutal listed in each tab as I was.