Herramientas trabajo

Tools for teamwork from home

9 April, 2020

At Doowebs we start working remotely from home, collaborating with different companies and professionals. We continued to do it partially, since the entire team is usually not in the same office or is complemented by other companies and agencies. Now w


Windows RT automatic repair could’t repair your pc

16 November, 2012

f when starting our tablet with Windows RT automatic repair does not work, or you couldn’t reset the tablet. We get the followingMessage: Automatic Repair could’t repair your PC. Log File: c: \windows \ system32 \ LogFiles \ Srt \ SrtTrail.txt The solu


Change rights and owners of linux recursively

27 July, 2010

When you spend half of your working life installing Joomla, Wordpress and other free softwars on different servers, always end by hitting with the issue of rights. I can not upload files to some folder, with Plesk if I can not change the owner or I can


20 July, 2010

muCommanderis a free alternative to well-known file manager Total Commander. There are plenty of such software (disk order, gnome commander, midnight commander …) each for an operating system or another. But one of the great advantages is that muComm

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